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Why have a destination wedding?

There are so many advantages to having a destination wedding so we’ve listed what we believe are the few most important reasons…

A lot less stress!! Planning a destination wedding is almost guaranteed to be a lot simpler (and faster) than the traditional wedding here at home. So sit back and relax and enjoy being engaged!

You won’t need to mortgage your house – let’s face it with rising interest rates, and the cost of fuel and foods increasing, not many people have $40,000 to throw on a wedding extravaganza and not to mention the extra few thousand for the honeymoon. A destination wedding can be a fraction of the cost of a wedding here at home and almost always a lot more spectacular. It’s the WOW factor without the price tag.

Quality time with the people you want. On your big day there’ll be no need to worry about getting to Aunty Nancy or saying hi or to the cousins you haven’t seen in 5 years. One of the best things about getting married overseas is only the people you really want to spend time with will come; and you get to spend real quality time with them. Both families get to meet and spend time together drinking at the pool bar – unlike weddings here where your families will only have a short few hours to mingle. Plus on your wedding day you don’t have to spend all your time making sure you’ve said hello to every guest – you can just relax and enjoy your day.

It’s your day! And you call the shots – with a destination wedding you won’t have to worry about pleasing anyone else except yourself! The day will be yours and will reflect exactly what you want it to.

1.  What about my honeymoon?

Wedding Destinations can also organise your honeymoon after the wedding, whether you choose to stay at the same location or choose to travel to another destination this can all be organised. The activities and hotels will all be sorted for you as you require so that you can have a relaxing time enjoying the first moments together being married!


2.  What are the first steps to planning a destination wedding?

The very first step and generally the hardest, is finding a location and setting the date. Once that’s done, everything else is very simple to arrange and all you need to worry about is finding the perfect dress and shoes (or you might opt for crystal Haviana thongs instead!).

Your Wedding Destinations coordinator will work with you to find out exactly what it is that you desire in a destination wedding and together you will choose the perfect location.

Wedding Destinations will create your very own (free!) website which you can give to all your guests along with a “Save A Date” invitations which lets them know what you are doing, when and where. Then it’s choosing the colours, deciding on a menu, some optional extras and you’re pretty much done!


3.  Who pays for a destination wedding?

Ahhh the money side of it – this can always be a touchy subject. Well, there really are no real rules when it comes to who pays for what with a destination wedding.

Do the bride and groom pay for everything? What about hotel rooms and airfares for the guests? Here’s an easy checklist to help you decide who pays for what:

The bride and groom (and/or their parents) are expected to pay for:

  • The wedding reception (whether it’s a five-course meal or a beer-and-burgers bash)

We highly recommend the hosts also cover:

  • Transportation to and from the ceremony and reception sites
  • Hair and Make up for the bridal party

Guests should expect to pay for:

  • Their plane ticket to and from the destination
  • Their hotel room stay
  • Any meals or beverages that are not part of the wedding festivities
  • Any non-wedding activities they choose to participate in

Bridal Party should expect to pay for:

  • Travel to and from the destination
  • Formal wear and accessories
  • Hair and makeup or spa appointments
  • Food and drinks that aren’t part of a wedding event
  • Any pre wedding hens/bucks celebrations


4.  How far in advance should I plan my Destination Wedding?

Every wedding and location is different as it depends how far out you are making your initial enquiries. For some of our more popular destinations we are taking bookings up to 2 years in advance. We recommend that once the decision is made, that you lock in your wedding date and get your “Save a Date” invitations out to all of your guests. The more time you can give people the more chance you will have of your family and friends being able to save up to attend.


5.  Is my marriage legal?

Australia will recognise any wedding that is bound by the laws of the country you marry in. Not all countries will legally marry you though, so if it’s important for you to have a legal destination wedding – make sure you let your wedding coordinator know in your initial consultation and they can recommend all the destinations that can make that happen.


6.  Can you arrange weddings in other locations than what is on your website?

Absolutely – the world is your oyster! We can do almost any location in the destinations listed on our website and if there are any other destinations that are not featured on our site please contact us and we will be more than happy to investigate them for you.


7.  What about changing my name?

Although your wedding is recognised in Australia, it is not registered here so you will only have an international wedding certificate. Most banks will accept this to change your name but you will not be able to change your driver’s license or passport. You will need to apply through Births, Deaths and Marriages for a “Change of Name” form. It will cost you about $85 to do this. You will then be issued with a new birth certificate showing your new name and you can use this form to get a new license and passport.


8.  How does my personalised website and facebook event work?

Wedding Destinations provides you with your very own personal website. Upon booking you will be asked to complete a form and provide some photos of the both of you. We will also provide information on your wedding destination, resort, things to do and see and travel package pages for your guests. You can then use the link to the website on your “Save a Dates” and invitations and your guests will be able to log on and book their travel arrangements. Just another way we have eliminated the stress and hassle of arranging your destination wedding (and all the guests).

If you do have facebook (which many people seem to these days) we set up a wedding event for you. You will be able to invite your family and friends that also use facebook to the event and it is a quick and easy way that Wedding Destinations, your guests and yourselves can communicate to each other and also be viewable by everyone.


9.  Can we have a second reception at home?

Absolutely! Why stop at a week long celebration when you can have another when you get back home!!? And for those who couldn’t make it – it’s a great way to keep all your friend and family happy too. For a great way to make them feel like they’ve really experienced your day, you could have a showing of your wedding DVD at the party and then have images of the wedding and honeymoon flashing up on a big screen all night – you could even get all the bridal party and yourselves to wear your wedding outfits again – when you spend that much money on a dress it’s a great idea to get two wears out of it!


10.  How can we stay calm when the fear kicks in?

Take a deep breath and ring your wedding Coordinator – they have done this many many times before and understand all your fears and frustrations when arranging your destination wedding. They are there to hold your hand from the very beginning until you finally say “I Do”
If you start to panic about 6 weeks before your wedding – DON”T WORRY – it’s completely normal. We find most brides feel like they should be doing so much more with the planning, and start to get into a panic wondering if it is all OK and if everything will work out. This is where you need to trust us – it will all work out – in fact it will be better than you can ever imagine! And if you’re still freaking out then give your coordinator a call they are experts at putting your mind at ease.


11.  How can I find the right gown for my destination wedding?

The most important thing when deciding on a dress is taking into consideration your climate – if you are getting married on a beach in Thailand during their humid months then you are going to want something that breaths. The great thing is you have already broken tradition by getting married overseas so be adventures and choose something that screams YOU! If you want the princess dress then go for it and if you want to go barefoot in a Sarong – why not – it’s your day!


12.  How do I get my wedding dress to my location?

If your wedding dress is one where you can’t pack it into your suitcase, or you may be scared your luggage goes missing, we can help! You will need to arrange for your wedding dress to be carried on as special handling. Make sure you let your wedding planner know and we will make sure the airlines are aware of your circumstances at check in.

So why hire a Wedding Planner?