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15 Years Experience

Wedding Destinations is one of the oldest and largest destination wedding companies in Australia.

Our 15 years of experience has allowed us to create a process that guides you step by step through the destination wedding planning journey.

We have travelled the globe and between us, visited all of our locations. We understand the weather, culture, food, beaches, shopping, expense, value for money and legalities. We know who to use and who not to use and we have tips of squeezing your budget to get the most out of every cent. There are times it’s worth spending money and other times we can show you ways to save money.

We’ve done the research, invested the time and taken the journeys, all so you can enjoy a stress free wedding planning journey.


Trusted Suppliers

If we can give only one piece of advice it would be this:

  • DO NOT risk the most important day of your life with just anyone.
  • Over the years we’ve built close relationships with our local suppliers. We have very high standards and do not give much leniency to suppliers who do not meet our high expectations.
  • We are continually striving to source suppliers that are of exceptional quality, reputable, trustworthy and offer value for money. We do not believe in dealing with suppliers who triple their price the minute they hear the word “wedding!”
  • You will get access to the best names on the ground, from hair and make up artists, photographers and videographers, celebrants and caterers. We know them all.

Australian Based

Your only contact will be your personal wedding destinations consultant based right here in Australia!

We understand each and every couple is unique so like to chat to you, we spend a lot of time in making sure we discuss all factors of each location until we are both confident that you are matched to the perfect destination.

From start to finish you will have your very own personal wedding planner. Your wedding planner is there to guide you through the process of planning your destination wedding. Being based in Australia means that you can just pick up the phone and have a chat at anytime.

All costs are paid before you leave in Aussie dollars too!

Our company is Australian based and reputable, by dealing with us you are protected by Australian consumer laws.

1st Class Service

Wedding Destinations provides a truly unique service never seen before in Australia. Embracing the “one stop shop” approach, the team at Wedding Destinations has one goal in mind: to make the planning & coordination of your Destination Wedding as simple & as stress-free as possible.

Our professional Destination Wedding Planners work together with experienced Travel / Guest Consultants, utilising our very own in-house Travel Agency, ensuring you and your guests travel arrangements are coordinated precisely and cost effectively.

Wedding Destinations works tirelessly to eliminate any doubt or stress you may have when planning your Overseas Wedding.


If you have read our website and seen all we have to offer, then I bet by now you are screaming out “Thank God for Wedding Destinations!!” You see, we banish the stress, herd out the hassle and break the fear of planning your Destination Wedding. We understand that this very moment in your life is so precious and you should enjoy just being engaged, without the hair pulling frustration of not only planning a wedding, but a destination one!

We are experts and for that there comes a price, but we reckon it’s a pretty fair one given how much pressure, stress and time we will save you. Wedding Destinations have spent hours, days, months and years booking the ins & outs of weddings. We are millionaires (in knowledge 

of course!) and we’ve executed the best wedding havens, too-easy reception packages, a photographer that’ll shoot everything in their way and that’s only the start. We’ve made the mistakes, learnt the tricks of the trade, discovered great wedding locations and then ditched the bad ones. We’ve been there, done that, and even bought the t-shirt, all to nail the deliverance of the most amazing day of your life!

And if that is not enough to convince you that we are the best in the business, we have been voted 2015 & 2016 winners of the highly prestigious, Australian Bridal Industry Award for Independent Wedding Planners.

Wedding Destinations gives you access to:

  • A detailed consultation to ensure you are matched with the ideal wedding destination.
  • You are assigned your very own wedding planner, here in Australia, from start to finish. No need for overseas phone calls, faxes or broken English – we love all that!
  • Wedding planners who have travelled to our wedding locations (and some even been married there themselves!)
  • Your own personal website for you and your guests.
  • Step by step personalised countdown guide to your wedding day.
  • A facebook event to communicate to you and your guests, especially when there are special travel deals available etc.
  • Save a Date invitations
  • Co-ordination of wedding ceremony, reception location and set up, flowers, photographer, Videographer, Hair and Make up, selection of menus and drink packages. Entertainment like dancers, fireworks and elephants, transportation for all guests, travel for yourselves and all your guests and the ever so important honeymoon.
  • Legal advice and guidance to ensure your wedding is legal in Australia.
  • Registered mail for all documentation including guests travel documents.
  • 24/7 contact with Wedding Planner whilst overseas for any problems that may arise.

Over 15 years experience planning destination weddings & honeymoons

Step 1. What are you waiting for – call us now!

You can contact us online through our website on the Contact Us page or call us on 1800 SAY IDO (1800 729 436) during E.S.T 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday, Tuesday & Wednesday’s until 8pm and 10am to 1pm Saturday. You can also email us on

Step 2. Now we put our heads together and find the perfect location.

We are experts in matching our couples to their perfect wedding destination. We have travelled the globe and between us, visited all of our locations. We understand the weather, culture, food, beaches, shopping, expense, value for money and legalities. We understand each and every couple is unique so we spend a lot of time in making sure we discuss all factors of each destination until we are both confident that you are matched to the perfect destination.

Step 3. Hire an Expert

So now you’ll have an idea (or two) of where you would like to get married. To get started you will be required to fill in the appropriate booking forms and pay your planning fee*.  This will lock in a wedding planners time (as we only take a few weddings per planner to ensure we can offer brilliant service).

Step 4. Website goes up, Save the Dates go out – And this wedding just got real!

When you decide on a date we will create your wedding website.  This will provide information on the destination, venue and your wedding day.  You will then work with our travel department on travel packages for your guests.  As we have a full service in house travel agency we can also offer your guests cheaper alternative accommodation rates.  Your Save The Dates will then be created and you can let everyone know that you are getting married!

Step 5. You will receive one very exciting package in the mail from us!

This is when you will receive your step by step personalized countdown guide to your wedding day. This will have information on when you will need to start making decisions on things like, photographers, cakes, flowers, colours and menus. It also includes when we require the legal information and final numbers. This package will also have your resort kit which contains the finer details of your wedding package including detailed menus, optional extras available, cakes, bouquet styles and our recommended local suppliers list

Step 6. Book the travel and honeymoon

Once your wedding date is locked in we will secure all of your travel arrangements. We will start to secure your guests travel arrangements over the next few months to ensure we get everyone there for your big day.

Step 7. Now everybody say ahhhhhhh…

It’s time to relax and enjoy being engaged. Your wedding is locked in, all the systems are in place now for your friends and family to book and you can just relax and mull over your resort kits. We don’t require your final choices on menus, drinks and flowers until about 4 months out so grab a cocktail, chill out and take your time in finding the perfect dress and suits (or bikini and sarongs) for your big day.

Step 8. It’s time for the legal mumbo jumbo

You would have received all the legal information in your resort kit but we don’t need to start thinking about it until around 4 months out; you will be reminded again at this time what needs to be done. Some destinations are more involved than others, but some can be done well inside 3 months. We like to get the ball rolling about 4 months out just in case there are any hiccups with getting your required documentation.

Step 9. Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

It’s 4 months out and decision time. You should have a fairly good idea of final numbers, so now we start to get all your choices on menus, drinks, reception venue, colours, flowers, DJ’s and more. We will then provide you with a final quotation outlining all that has been booked, costs and where and when the money gets paid.

Step 10. Hurry up any late comers

It’s only 6 weeks out and we need to secure the final numbers. It’s time to ring around all those maybe guests and get a definite answer. Once you have confirmed final numbers, a final quotation is provided and all the pre wedding meetings are locked in with the wedding planner, registrars and celebrants and photographers on location.

Step 11. Documents

About 4 weeks out you will receive all of your travel and wedding documents in the mail. If your in Victoria you can come in and we can go through it all with you over a glass of bubbles! Your guest’s documents can also be expected now too via email.

Step 12. The time has arrived

We ALWAYS set up an appointment with the wedding planner that will be looking after you on the ground at your wedding location. With the wedding coordinator, you will run through everything we have organised from Australia. You will be shown around the venue so you can see all the locations we could only show you in photos. There is always time to make any last minute changes so if there is something you don’t like or it’s not what you envisioned then here is the chance to make the final changes now. We’re pretty sure you won’t need to though!

Step 13. Congratulations Mr & Mrs __!

The wedding day in finally here! Enjoy the day & we look forward to hearing all about it when you arrive back home!