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Why Mauritius you ask? Well, where do we begin? First of all, it’s one of the most popular island holiday destinations on the planet. This little gem boasts grand European style hotels and resorts, all offering amazing value with half and full board included in their room rates, some even offering all inclusive. Did someone say cocktails? At least your guests will be happy knowing they’ll get bang for their back attending your wedding.

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From the scrumptious cuisine to keep your belly full and the wonderful hospitality of the friendly locals, your destination wedding will be nothing short of an exuberant celebration. The music and dancing lasting for hours. One thing the Mauritians know how to do better than almost anywhere else on earth is service you’re every whim. You will experience service here like no other and it will be a stand out memory for many years to come.

With no high rise buildings and concrete jungles, ways of life have been the same for the locals for years, without the mass hordes of tourism demands. The colonial style towns and villages tucked into the mountains, no eco-pollution has even been heard of here, virgin beaches still exist – it really is gods own island in the sun. We’d have to agree with Mark Twain when he announced that “God made Mauritius first – then heaven!”