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The Greeks have a word called Filoxenia (pronounced fee-lohk-sen-yah). A word that really has no definitive definition in any other language. The (loose) translation symbolises hospitality and the love for strangers, it means a generosity of spirit, and a what’s mine is yours attitude that really must be experienced to be understood. Filoxenia is found in every corner of Greece.

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Whether you are a Bride, a Groom or a guest, Greece Weddings will impress beyond imagination. There’s an “oh my god” moment at every corner you turn whether its, “Oh my god this Spanakopita is so Divine!” or “Oh my god look at that gorgeous sunset darling!” Together with being friendly and open people, the locals have a healthy understanding of what it means to have a good time. Put this together with the stunning 

backdrops, tempting cuisine and local wines, it is no wonder the Greek Islands is one of the most popular Wedding Destinations. The Greek Islands embraces history, romance, mystery and some of the most stunning settings for your special day. A variety of landscapes provide the perfect venue for your ceremony.