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Gentle emersion into paradise, feel the connection with nature as you delight in an authentic Polynesian experience. Taste, see and touch the Cook Islands as their very traditions are not confined to museum walls, but to everyday life. Here to meet you are the stunning backdrops of waterfalls and generous marine life, from the lagoons to the secluded beaches, you can find romance and intimacy with your loved one.

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Effortlessly accessible the islands are, no high rise hotels or concrete jungles, a view to be seen from every angle. Your time in the Cooks will leave a deep impression that will stay with you always.

Aitutaki is another island of the necklace, an alluring escape is what this treasure is all about. The most amazing sunsets meet the horizon at dusk, accompanied by the best Polynesian dancers of the entire islands. Many historical names have been enchanted by the breathtaking beauty of Aitutaki, such as James Cook and the crew of HMS Bounty, making her roots rich in history’s charm. Idyllic, enticing and unforgettable are just a few words that come to mind when describing this truly unique region.

With arguably the best lagoons in the world, the abundant marine life will have you amazed. But get your breath back and explore with a scenic flight or lagoon cruise. Either way you look at life a little

differently after experiencing this wonderful place. The island offers some fantastic resorts and hotels to cater for any budget, whether you want 5 star luxury or a little beach bungalow, its at your fingertips. Are you packing yet?

Because the Cook Islands are truly and geographically in the heart of the South Pacific, Tahitis is just s stones throw away (the island of love as it is fondly called). Or Samoa and Tonga to the west, do some more swimming, snorkeling and tanning on just another magnificent beach of the Polynesian islands.