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Our History


The story of how we became Australia’s number one Destination Wedding Planner begins in 2004. Back then we were running a very successful travel agency in the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne. However we found ourselves planning a growing number of destination weddings. We recognised a need for a specialist company to assist the growing demand of the destination wedding market.

We launched our website and took it to Australia. Brides were so frustrated with the increasing costs of a weddings here in Australia and we have watched how over the last 10 years the destination wedding market grew.

Being one of the very first companies offering a full planning service in Australia has given us a great insight into the specific needs and wants of the destination bride and we have spent the last 10 years perfecting a seamless wedding planning process.

We are still based in the South Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne (although we have moved to larger offices to house our growing team) and we still have our highly successful travel agency which now specialise in wedding group and honeymoon travel.