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Who are Wedding Destinations?

Wedding Destinations are Australia’s largest overseas wedding planners. With over 60 years of wedding and travel experience it’s no wonder we are the name on everyone’s lips when booking a destination wedding!

As we are a division of the HelloWorld travel group, this means you and your guests will benefit from the buying power we have attained through the volume of wedding travel we've booked over the years.

Introducing the team at Wedding Destinations

Angela mediumAngela Woods

Angela is our Wedding Destinations guru. She has been at Wedding Destinations since the day it opened its doors and understands the ins and outs of every aspect of planning a wedding. Angela has a passion unlike no other for Destination Weddings, having married in Koh Samui,Thailand, in 2007. Angela had 51 of her closest friends and family attend her wedding and has first hand knowledge of what a bride-to-be will be feeling in the lead up to her big overseas day.

Being a destination wedding bride herself she understands the emotional roller coast you are about to take part on and knows just how much fun you are about to have! With first hand experience she can offer tips and ideas that you can only understand once you have been through the experience yourself.

Angela is also our Asia expert, having travelled all through Thailand, Vietnam, Sabah, Malaysia, Bali and India. She lives and breaths Asia and is an expert in all our wedding locations throughout the South East.

In saying that, she has also travelled through Vanuatu, Fiji, Japan, America, UK and Europe and cruised the South Pacific. She has every confidence and experience in booking any of our wedding locations.
With over 300 weddings under her belt it’s no wonder she is in high demand!

Angela’s number one reason she recommends you have a Destination Wedding

“For me it was the fact that I didn’t have to spend all my day making sure I said hi to everyone. I loved the fact that, come our wedding day, everyone had spent a week together and family and friends all knew each other. This made for a very casual and relaxed feeling on our wedding day.

I had always said I wanted to get married barefoot on a beach and that’s exactly what I did! The location was stunning and would have cost tens of thousands to have the same quality of wedding inAustralia. I think the day was more emotional because of the stunning location but there was definitely not a dry eye in the place. I loved my day some much I sometimes think of getting divorced so I can do it all over again! Or maybe I’ll just have to be like Heidi Klum and Seal were and renew my vows in a different location each year. I guess I’m in the best job to do just that!”

Sharne mediumSharne Wanstall

Sharne is one of our senior wedding planners at Wedding Destinations but also helps out with the administration and back end of all things weddings; the couples websites, save a dates etc - multi-tasker! She’s also our social media guru and spends plenty of time communicating with all our couples on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. 

Sharne has travelled previously to South East Asia, Fiji, Vanuatu, Bali and most recently to South America visiting Mexico and Colombia and hoping to continue to grow the library of destinations visited. Sharne loves it when the wedding couples and wedding guests come with great ideas and are wanting something different and out of the ordinary for their wedding or their travel. Having visited some of these wonderful destinations it always is great to be able to have first hand knowledge & experience of the locations; not only for a wedding but for the culture, activities and location.

The dream destination wedding to plan would be the caves in Halong Bay, Vietnam as she visited recently and it is a destination where all you will be saying is 'WOW'! You can also complete your holiday with traveling up the coast of Vietnam, each main town has something unique to see and do; such as eating some great food, finding the hidden beach spots, tailors and much more. In saying that though so many more destinations, resorts and locations come to mind that would be amazing! 

After recent travels to Mexico it has become a favourite and astounded by the value for money not only for the wedding, but also the accommodation. 

Previously starting at Wedding Destinations Sharne worked as a functions and events manager, with many years of experience in organising events you can be assured that all details are going to be brushed through with a fine tooth comb. 

Why Sharne loves creating your dream wedding! 

One of the things that I love and puts a smile on my face is when the bride-to-be gives a sigh of relief once speaking with me because they know then they have found what they have been looking for; someone that can provide the knowledge & skills to plan their dream wedding. And the excitement of when the couples return back from their trip, to hear about how much they enjoyed their day & couldn't wish for anything better, it's nice to know that I had an input in making that special day a day that is going to be remembered for ever. 

Karan mediumKaran Dempsey

Karan specializes in the Pacific, Asia and USA; she regularly travels to these destinations. Karan has spent much time in building, strengthening and developing relationships in the locations, services and resorts we offer you.  You can also be guaranteed that being a client of Wedding Destinations our partners are waiting to pamper and welcome you and your guests.Karan is the other partner of Wedding Destinations having planned countless weddings around the globe and has been a guest at 9 overseas weddings. She personally handpicks many of the resorts presented to you. She comes with a wealth of knowledge having been in the travel industry for over 26 years - she loves making your dream wedding come true.

Karan has also travelled to many destinations experiencing first hand your chosen location and can share with you all the knowledge and tips learnt along the way. She understands the importance of finding your dream wedding location and let’s not forget the Honeymoon!! In most of our locations you are never far away from somewhere new. Karan will always suggest some fabulous honeymoon add on options and locations which are easily accessible from your Wedding Destination.

Karan’s number one reason for recommending a Wedding Destination

"With many Aussies now travelling the globe, it's no wonder we fall in love not only with destinations but often a kindred spirit is found, ahh a wedding destination is created. It’s a perfect half way mark if you have two nationalities uniting; it keeps both sides of the church ooops beach balanced… Many couples are choosing to get off that Wedding conveyor belt, it’s costing them huge $$$’s and all they are hearing is (next!!)."

"You know you are doing something special when you book your Wedding Destination. After all you are creating you own dream, it’s your time (it's not just a few hours in 1 day), you are creating magical lifetime memories with those whom have travelled afar to share in your special day. There’s no Aunt Betty whom you haven’t seen in donkeys years... There’s no process line as your footsteps are imprinted on the sand as you say ‘I do’ or watch that perfect sunset. There’s no special effects, it’s just surreal…"

Why Karan loves creating dreams…

"My favourite is seeing your wedding photos, seeing the finished product come alive. The smiles, the dress, the flowers, and the location… I absolutely love it! It really confirms that I have made a difference. I often get calls from choked up Fathers of the Bride or Groom upon their return to personally thank me for helping create their child’s dream… it always brings a tear of joy… that says it all."

Chryssa mediumChryssa Angelopoulos

Chryssa is our newest member of our team and is one of our designated guest consultants at Wedding Destinations.  Chryssa loves getting to know all of our wedding groups, the mothers, fathers and bridal party.  She loves to help plan not only their travel to the wedding but also making into a once in a lifetime trip for the guests. Chryssa is constantly searching for the most competitive prices for your guests trip. Chryssa has a background in travel having worked at the airport she is your go to person for all your check in, airport and travel questions. 

Chryssa has travelled to many destinations such as Greece and Fiji. Also travelled to Hawaii and Turkey, Turkey being an amazing choice to observe first hand the ‘East meets West” experience, from treating yourself to the ancient ritual of a Hammam, to haggling for a Genie Lamp at a Turkish Bazaar to the less known ‘Turkish Riviera’ and the history and sights of amazing Bodrum.

No trip to Hawaii is complete without having a shaved ice or strolling past the grand Moana Surfrider hotel, my number one pick for Waikiki Beach on Kalakaua Avenue, oh and did I mention Kona coffee?

I have extensive knowledge of Greece and the Greek Islands, if you want to know anything about Greece – from which beach in Mykonos is the best for celeb spotting, to the local backstreets of Athens – the ones where you will get an authentic Greek experience, (like your some sort of long lost relative!) – I have all my advice, tips and knowledge to pass on to you.

Bula and welcome to Fiji, said with a HUGE welcoming smile (that familiar greeting that ANYONE who’s travelled to Fiji will know what I’m talking about). The Fijian hospitality that is really one of a kind is a special thing to experience. Fiji is a stunning choice that’s very close to us on the East Coast of Australia and offers a glimpse of the South Pacific way of life, complete with a pool lounge chair and a Fiji Baby (the local brew).