Superior Waterfront Bungalows
For the budget conscious traveller who want more than just a room. With tropical décor and light furnishings, these rooms offer the best of worlds, gardens and fauna all around you whilst still sitting on the water. Perfect!
Storey Family Bungalows
Fantastic for families, groups or even trio’s. This spacious accommodation features 2 stories of carefully planned living offering light and air all round. Wonderfully tranquil and bright, a true island feel for the whole family, with all the facilities needed for a comfortable stay.
Deluxe Waterfront Bungalowsv
It’s a home away from home! Quite large to maximize space and comfort. Sitting pretty on the waterfront, lounge on your balcony at sunset with a drink in hand. With royal furnishings, Vanuatu vibes and truly spectacular amenities, these rooms only compliment your stay at Erakor Island.