Vanuatu - Need to Know

Welcome to Vanuatu

This string of islands is unlike any other pacific destination, with a French twist. People, places and activities to enjoy really make Vanuatu stand out. The Republic of Vanuatu is an archipelago of volcanic and coral islands formed in the shape of a “Y”, you’ll be asking yourself exactly Y you didn’t come to Vanuatu sooner!

The people

Such as all of the South Pacific, the people are warm and friendly and always make your holiday just that much better. You will be treated like warrior and princess! Christian is the number one religion and you will find most locals attend church on Sundays. With a population of 200,000 Vanuatu’s official language is Bislama, a form of Pidgin English, French is next as the nation was a French dominion, and of course English is common.

The people of Thailand are renowned for their warm hospitality, and you will never forget the smiling faces of all the people who have made your holiday just that much better!

The capital

Port Vila is the nations capital found on the island of Efate, although this island is not the largest it is the main economical, commercial and tourist capital. Efate hosts the international airport as well as domestic terminals.

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The islands

Espitu Santo Island – hosts a wide range of outdoor activities and water sports. Santo’s real attraction is the world class diving spots. Discover thousands of colorful fish among the reefs or explore the underwater wreckage of the late SS Coolidge. Away from the masses of tourists, Espiritu Santo will whip you away into your own dimension, you can truly be alone here on a secluded beach. Explore the colourful traditions of the vanuatuans with the numerous cultural sites followed by a private dinner on the jetty.

Pentecoste Island is down in the south. Culture and custom here is totally different. World famous it is for the Yam harvest or Nagol as its locally called. Traditionally it started when a woman ran up to the top of a tree, away from her abusive husband. The man tried to catch his wife but he found the woman had jumped out of the tall tree, in despair he jumped after her and fell to his death. The woman had actually tied vines around her ankles to survive the fall. Every April local men as young as seven can be seen land diving off wooden scaffolding, apparently to teach women that men can never be tricked again!

Tanna Island ishome to the famous Yasur Volcano, still active but not, so that its unreachable. The red and orange glow of larva can be seen from the edge of the crater and tours to the top are aplenty. Its quite safe to visit if you stick to the path, but its really nature at its most awesome, although unpredictable. Some tribes in Tanna believe in "John Frum" who appeared to them in 1936 and predicted the arrival of gifts and supplies. They mixed this with their tribal beliefs and it was all reinforced by the arrival of US cargo in WWII, they believe the cargo was from supernatural forces. The Cargo Cult is still present, with two distinct tribes still believing that John Frum lives in the mouth of Yasur with 40 thousand men awaiting the “second coming”. Quite a peculiar experience!

Legal information

I really like the idea of Vanuatu so is it possible to get married legally in Vanuatu?

There are a number of questions relating to bride, groom, parents of bride & groom and witnesses, which need to be answered. These questions are detailed on our booking application which you will receive once you have a booking in place and submitted once you have decided on the preferred date and place for your wedding.

Please see below to give you a basic idea of what is required:


  • Wedding applications must be submitted at least 3 weeks prior to the requested date of your ceremony and must be lodged with the
  • Valid Passports
  • Birth Certificates
  • Divorce Papers if previously married
  • Death certificate of previous spouse (if applicable)
  • If there has been a change of name a copy of the deed poll must be submitted

‘Republic of Vanuatu’s Notice of Intention of Marriage. This application must include the below documents (this application does not require the couple to be present in Vanuatu).

Note: All above original documentation must be taken to Vanuatu in the event they are required to be sighted by Council.

Couples must arrive into Vanuatu at least 3 working days prior to the day of their wedding ceremony. Wedding ceremonies are not performed on a Sunday.

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