Mexico - Climate And Activities

What to do in the Mexico

From ancient history to world heritage sites, from adventure and nightlife through to pure self-indulgent relaxation, and set against a backdrop of over 450 different beaches, Mexico has it all.

If you're a lover of history then Mexico is steeped in it. Head to the Yucutan Peninsula and explore the wonders of a lost civilisation. Chichen Itza is now an UNESCO world heritage site and was built by the Mayans way back in the 7th Century. Alternatively enjoy the stunning view at Coba as the Mayans first did where you can climb Mexico's highest Pyramid. Or how about a visit to the archaeological site at Tulum. Constructed on the edge of a steep cliff, walk through these Mayan ruins and gaze into the turquoise waters below. It really is a spellbinding experience.

If adventure is more your thing then Mexico has forest, jungle, desert and of course ocean, right on its doorstep. Why not try rock climbing or mountaineering, or explore Mexico's abundance of underwater wild life by diving or snorkelling in its lagoons, rivers and coastal waters. Alternatively why not take a daybreak hot air balloon ride or learn to para-glide, or how about river rafting in Veracruz.

When it comes to entertainment then the popular tourist destinations never sleep. Places such as Cancun, Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta are awash with shops, bars restaurants and nightclubs. Here you can shop, eat and party the night away without a care in the world. Alternatively if you prefer your entertainment a little more 'tranquillo' then how about pampering yourself with a spa and wellness session. Most of the hotels offer this type of service and you can get everything from massages and steam baths to seaweed wraps and even chocolate baths.

What's the weather like?

Although many people regard Mexico as a hot country, since it is such a large country the weather varies greatly from one region to another with many different climatic zones.

Northwest Mexico and the inland areas are generally drier than elsewhere in the country. Summers are hot and winters can be chilly with temperatures often approaching freezing point. The climate is also temperate and dry on higher ground inland and snow often caps the mountains.

November, or March - April can be the better months to visit due to low season and drier months.


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