Greece - Need to Know

The Greeks

10 million people reside in Greece and are spread out through each island. Greek Orthodox is the main religion and Greek is the countries native language. History is written in the pages of Greece. The first Olympics, democracy, philosophy and drama have all been born here, Pandora’s Box of creation if you will. Greece is a developed country on the mainland, but if you venture out further to the exotic islands, ancient ways of life will greet you, with cobblestone lanes and donkey carts aplenty.

Electrical Equations

Greece’s power runs between 220 – 240 Volts, which is the same as Australia, however the power outlet is the round prongs with either two or three sockets. Buy a converter before you go, or ask your hotel for a universal power adaptor.

Legal Information

I really like the idea of Santorini so is it possible to get married legally in Greece?

Please be advised that, in order to get married in Greece the following documents and certificates must be presented:

  1. Full copy of Birth Certificates for your and your fiancé
  2. Certificates of celibacy for you and your fiancé
  3. Passports
  4. If either you or your fiancé are under 18 years of age, then your parents consent is required. This document must be signed by your parents (producing their passports) in the presence of an officer of our Consulate.
  5. If this is not the first marriage for either one of you, the relevant divorce papers must be produced.
  6. The English original certificates must be legalized by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Australia with the Apositille stamp in your capital city.
  7. All of the above documents and certificates are being legalized with the Apositille must be translated into the Greek language, either by the Ethnic Affairs Commission or by any official translator.
  8. All translated documents must be certified by this Consulate.
  9. The above documents can be submitted at any Municipality in Greece.
  10. The local Mayor will then issue a marriage permit in 8 days
  11. Following that, you can arrange for a wedding date with the council
  12. Two witnesses are required to be present at the wedding and they must have their passports or Greek ID’s ready to produce upon request.

Costs depend upon the exchange rate and the number of documents to be certified. It is imperative that you organize an appointment prior to attending the Consulate.

Whoa!! – Sounds kind of involved doesn’t it?

So now you’ve read the formal information let us break it down for you in our words.

  1. Make an appointment with Department of Foreign affairs and trade in your capital city and take your birth certificates, Certificate of Celibacy (single status form you can get from Births, Deaths and marriages) passports and divorce papers (if applicable) to get the stamp of Apositille on all documents.
  2. Once you receive the documents back, give your local Greek consulate a call to find out the details of an official translator in your area. Then make an appointment with them to get all your documents translated into Greek.
  3. Once you receive these back you can then make an appointment with your local Greek Consulate to have these documents certified.
  4. Then scan and email all English and Greek documents and email to your wedding coordinator at Wedding Destinations. We will then lodge them with the Municipality in Greece and arrange for the marriage permit.

A couple of tips

  1. Your single status certificates are only valid for 3 months. We recommend that you don’t worry about starting this process until three months out from your wedding date. It should only take about a month to get it all done and Wedding Destinations requires the documents 6 weeks prior to departing for Greece.
  2. We recommend that you email a scanned copy of your English and Greek documents to Wedding Destinations as early as possible. We will send the documents over to Greece to make sure they are correct. This way if there are any problems you will have time to have it fixed before departing Australia.
  3. It is recommended that you be in Santorini at least 3 days prior to the wedding and 1 day after to be able to fine tune your final arrangements.
  4. You must carry your original documents with you to Santorini.

The above information is for Australian citizens, please contact Wedding Destinations for further information on other nationalities marrying in Greece. Please note that this information can change at anytime it is to be used as a guide only. You will be advised of any changes to this information at time of booking.

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