Cook Islands - Climate And Activities

What to do in the Cook Islands

The Cook Islands aren't called the 'Secret of the Pacific' for nothing. Virtually unspoilt they have the ability to capture your heart and invigorate your spirit. From lush vegetation through to stunning white sandy beaches and azure lagoons they really do offer the chance to experience a 'once in a lifetime' holiday that you'll cherish forever.

Discover the great outdoors and fish, snorkel, paddle, or swim in the crystal blue waters or alternatively climb the magnificent peaks complete with verdant rain forests, an abundance of wild life and vibrant song birds. If you want to immerse yourself in the rich culture of these islands then there's no better way to do it than by visiting the 'Highland Paradise at Maungaroa. Also known as the 'lost village' it lay forgotten for almost 150 years. Now visitors can experience re-enactments of singing, dancing, drumming, story-telling and feasting that used to happen at this location more than 600 years ago.

If you fancy a touch of retail therapy then you can shop till you drop at an abundance of jewellers specialising in local black pearls, boutique shops selling fabulous hand-made local island dresses, and perfumeries making perfume soaps and oils made from natural coconut. If you've got a sweet tooth then the fudge factory is well worth a visit. Finally what better way to rejuvenate and revitalise than with a spa treatment. You can find a wide range of soothing treatments at a variety of places including massages, manicures and pedicures. However you decide to spend your honeymoon here, the Cook Islands has something for everyone.

What's the weather like?

Made up of 15 separate islands, the Cook Islands are “hidden” in a huge area of the south Pacific Ocean far south of the equator, and enjoy a tropical climate which consists of a dry season and a wet season. Even in the summer months of January and February, the main island of Rarotonga enjoys a high but comfortable average temperature of 29C, although there are summer days when the weather is extremely hot, sticky and humid.

The climate is at its most pleasant during the winter months and from June to August the average daily temperature drops to 25C and it's not uncommon to experience a few chilly nights from the ends of the cold Antarctic fronts. It's always a good idea to have light sweater or jacket to wear on these winter evenings.

In essence there is no bad time to visit the Cook Islands although the months of April, May, September and October normally provide a good combination of warmth and sunshine.

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