Why You Should Choose a Destination Wedding

So your man has finally popped the question and you’re officially engaged. Congratulations! Have your feet touched the ground yet?

The weeks following an engagement announcement can be pretty hectic. Everybody is dying to see the ring, find out every juicy detail about the proposal, know dates, bridesmaids, and even when the pitter patter of tiny feet will arrive!

There’s so many things to think about and so many wedding terms thrown around that it can feel a little overwhelming. One of those terms is “destination wedding”, and while you might not know too much about what it exactly means, it’s definitely something worth thinking about.

A destination wedding is an opportunity for a couple to escape their normal hometown and marry each other in front of friends, family, and their chosen backdrop. For some, this may mean the white sands of Mauritius, for others it could be the bright lights of Las Vegas, and for those who prefer something a little more historical and traditional, a wedding in a Scottish castle could be the perfect choice.

Different from eloping (in which a couple sneak away to get married in secret), a destination wedding means taking your friends and family with you for the celebrations. A destination wedding can be an intimate affair with just your nearest and dearest, or it can involve hundreds of guests from the long lost aunt to the postman. Numbers wise, it’s up to you, your preferences, and your budget.

So what are the benefits of a destination wedding?


According to the ASIC’s latest data, the average Australian wedding costs $36,200, with the bulk of the money going on food, alcohol, and the setting up of a venue. In a destination wedding, the view speaks for itself, meaning decor costs and venue fees are significantly lower. More often than not, the food and alcohol is far cheaper too. Add to that flexible timing (you’re all there, so who cares if you get married on a Tuesday), and you’ve got yourself a great wedding deal.


You love the local beach, but your best friend got married there last year. You have a special spot in your heart for the local church, but your cousin got married there at the beginning of the year. You love the look of a nearby stately home but you know that a colleague is getting married there next May. Running out of places? Pick from the rest of the world! A destination wedding opens up endless possibilities of wedding venues and guaranteed you can find somewhere different to create a truly unique wedding.

Limited guest list

No doubt about it, establishing a guest list is hard work. Your mum wants you to invite Mr and Mrs Carter who lived down the street when you were 5. Your soon-to-be mother-in-law wants to invite her second cousin that you’ve never met. How can you possibly cull without upsetting someone?

A destination wedding means the perfect opportunity to keep numbers limited. It’s completely socially acceptable to announce you just want close family and friends when you’re planning on spending an entire week with the wedding party. Besides, if people really want to celebrate with you, you can always throw a (much cheaper) shindig on your return.

Guests have an excuse for a holiday

While you may make it clear that you don’t expect everyone you invite to be able to make it to your destination wedding, many people see it as a great opportunity for them to take a holiday. Not only will they be able to see their loved ones tie the knot, they have a bunch of people to holiday with in a beautiful location.

Quality time

Speak to any bride and groom of a “traditional” wedding and they’ll tell you the day was fantastic, but a blur. The average wedding lasts for just six hours, and the happy couple spend so much time trying to mingle with everyone that they miss large chunks of their own wedding. On vacation, you’ve got plenty of time to relax over a cocktail and catch up, and you can even treat it like a family reunion.

Extended celebrations

On a destination wedding, there’s no limit to the number of activities you can do with your wedding guests. In the days building up, why not try diving trips, rounds of golf, and spa days. In the days following, you can enjoy beach barbecues and cultural feasts.

The photos

As well photos taken on the actual wedding day, your entire destination wedding is one giant Kodak moment. Many couples don’t like the sometimes stuffiness of formal wedding photos, and a destination wedding allows for endless opportunities to capture guests letting their hair down and feeling relaxed.


Many couples marrying for a second time don’t feel comfortable having another “big wedding”. Destination weddings are ideal in this case, as you can not only create a wedding that’s completely different from the last, but you can escape with just your immediate family if that’s your wish.

You can kill two birds with one stone

Once your guests have gone home, why not stick around for another week and enjoy the honeymoon suite? You’re already there, so no need to spend more money on flights!


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