What the bride should wear

Although planning a destination wedding can often be left in the hands of a skilled wedding planner, taking away a lot of the stress and worries of doing it all yourself, it still leaves the bride to worry about what should she wear to get married. Should it be a traditional wedding gown or something casual or themed?

Go with the flow

If you've always dreamed of getting married in a traditional bridal gown then then you still can, it's just that you need to give careful thought to the design and fabric. A long flowing train may look wonderful walking up a church aisle, but it's a different picture if you're walking on the beach and it's dragging in the sand and picking up debris. Equally, a sea breeze could blow your veil across your face smearing your make up. Choose a style which fits to the body and flows with you. Strapless designs are perfect for hot climates as are sleeveless designs. If you're getting married on the beach you may prefer to choose a short swingy style of gown which won't get covered in sand or salt water during your photo shoots.

Keep it light and airy

Think about choosing a lightweight, airy fabric such as chiffon or chameuse which is also resistant to creases and easy to pack. Dresses with embellished backs, layers,and short delicate trails, all add a touch of class without the bulk. Yes, a crinoline would look pretty but it won't like travelling and you'll feel far from comfortable wearing it standing in the heat of a tropical sun. Whilst on the subject of travelling, if you possibly can, avoid checking in your bridal dress with your luggage. It's far better to put it in a light weight carry on bag and store it in the overhead locker.

What the bride should wear

Be Creative

If thinking about chiffon and lace brings you out in a cold sweat then the good news is that pretty much anything goes for a destination wedding. Why not choose a dress based on your theme. For example if Thailand is your chosen destination, why not wear a colourful batik sarong or, if it's a simple beach wedding, then a pretty sun dress and bare feet may fit the bill. Be creative based on your destination, theme and climate, and choose something which reflects your personality and your ceremony.

Whatever you choose to wear, as long as you feel amazing and confident in your choice, your beauty will come from within, and you'll look the perfect blushing bride wherever the destination.


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