Wedding Villa or Resort. You decide!

Wedding Villa and Resort Wedding

This probably won’t come as too much of a surprise, but choosing the right venue for your destination wedding is pretty crucial to the whole wedding thing. Once decided upon the actual destination, you are then faced with the challenge of picking the appropriate wedding venue.

The trouble with choosing the type of property in which to hold your wedding, begins with the colossal number of Destination Wedding Venues out there. The lines can get somewhat blurry.

The first hurdle to overcome is whether to marry within a Resort / Hotel environment or a Private Wedding Villa. There are of course pro’s and con’s associated with either option, so let’s take a closer look at both options and see if we can offer you a little guidance.

To initiate your thought process, an important question to ask yourself is the sensitive issue of Privacy.
What level of seclusion do you envisage for your wedding, as will be a deciding factor when choosing between a Private Villa Wedding or at a resort.

Obviously, in most cases a Private Villa will offer a far more secluded location for both wedding and reception (clue is in the name), though do not count on this entirely. In most Asian and Pacific locations, all beaches are deemed public, so a Villa by the beach may not necessarily guarantee an unwanted audience. If privacy is a big deal for you, the foremost question on your lips should be, how secluded is the Villa from its neighbouring area?
For the more aloof of couples, fortunately there are plenty of wedding villas which are relatively inaccessible to those unwanted guests, but you would be wise to discuss this with your Destination Wedding Planner, to clarify your privacy expectations.

Now because Wedding Villas usually offer a more private experience, this isolation often comes at a cost. Ain’t that always the way! So if you are the private type, is this the end of the road for your Destination Wedding dream?

Well of course not!

For a start, there are a number of resorts, strategically located to offer a more private wedding experience and many will even cordon off sections of the resort, to ensure those prying eyes do not invade the intimacy you so desire for your wedding day.

M J 56

                                   The very private beach at the Silavadee Resort - Koh Samui


Once again, your destination wedding planner will have a list of the more discrete wedding venues out there and can offer some great advice on how to achieve the precise level privacy you are looking for.

But with cost in mind, don’t necessarily rule out a Wedding Villa just yet. With more and more properties being built, specifically with Destination Wedding appeal, affordable Villa options are beginning to creep into the market.

Kya Beach house weddings


One such example, is the gorgeous Kya Beach House, on the Thailand island of Koh Samui. Located just off the beaten track and with its own private beach, a Thailand Villa Wedding can be accomplished for far less than you might fear.


You just need to ask the right people!


So we have established that a Villa Wedding often delivers a more intimate experience and with that comes the feeling of exclusivity. But for many brides, the last thing they want, is to hide away. In fact, lots of couples want the world to know they are getting married and couldn’t really care less, who wants to stand and watch from the sidelines.

The long and short of it is, a more open disposition, will make way for a lot more options. But don’t think that a lack of seclusion has to impact upon how exclusive the wedding is. On the contrary!
While larger resorts may not be able to offer much in the way of seclusion, their size and experience in managing their facilities, allows for more ‘Bells and Whistles’ during the event.

And while on the subject of Bells and Whistles, wedding receptions can get a little noisy at times, so be sure to consider how loud your guests might get, when choosing the venue.

Again moving on neatly from the topic of your guests, another important factor to bear in mind is the proximity of your guest accommodation.Villa Wedding Bali
To give you some perspective, if you are Tying the Knot on a small island such as Koh Samui or Santorini, guests will not have to traverse great distances to attend your wedding, regardless of whether you choose a remote Villa or a Resort. However, if you are getting married somewhere like Fiji or even Phuket, your guests could be well advised to either stay at the resort in which your event is planned or look close by.
A villa may have several bedrooms or it may not and if you choose to hire the Villa for a number of days, this can accommodate some or all of your guests (depending on numbers).
For a larger wedding though, a resort provides convenience for you and guests, eliminating any late night cab rides or guests turning up late to the ceremony.
Getting you guests to and from your wedding is paramount, so for big wedding groups, be sure to factor this in.

Finally, when weighing up the pro’s and con’s between a Wedding Villa or Resort Wedding, what are the must haves? Certain resorts like to do everything ‘in-house’ and this can include photographers, entertainment and stylists. So while they may well be good at what they do, what’s on offer may not be exactly what you are looking for. Renting a Villa usually allows far more freedom to pick the service providers that suit the image you wish to portray through décor and ambience. 

And here's the kicker. Alcohol packages at the resorts can get real pricey and are often quite limited, whereas a Villa Wedding allows you to bring in whatever beverages you desire, at a significantly lower cost.

The in-house, package style resort wedding will suit the bride who just wants to turn up on the big day and have little else to do with planning process, but for more intricate weddings and receptions, fewer resorts offer the flexibility of a Private Villa, which brings us back neatly to where we started.
How exclusive do you want your wedding to be?

If you are still not being swayed either way, our planners have an extensive list of Villas, Hotels, Resorts and other Venues to suit every need and can quickly provide you with some inspiration to make that choice and move on the very exciting planning process.


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