Wedding planner or DIY?

Destination weddings are becoming more popular as couples become increasingly aware of the many benefits of getting hitched abroad. However, planning a wedding in another country does take a different sort of planning to that involved in planning a wedding on home territory. So the big question remains, should you plan it yourself or use the services of a wedding planner?

You may think that you can handle the planning of a wedding abroad, after all it can't be that difficult can it! However, if you're trying to plan your wedding whilst juggling with the demands of a busy job and/or running your home at the same time, it could soon snowball into an extremely stressful few months, which leading up to what is supposed to be one of the happiest days of your life, is not what you should be aiming for. Sure, you could do a lot of the work using the internet, but surely for such an important day, you don't want to take any chances on the venue not being as idyllic as it looks in the picture, or the accommodation you book for the wedding party falling miserably short of expectations. Also, there's the legalities to navigate and the possibility that you may be needed to lodge documents in advance.

Wedding planner or DIY?

Do yourself a favor and hire the service of an experienced destination wedding planner. They are there to tie in all of the loose ends whilst you go about your daily business, blissfully unaware of any problems she may have had to sort out. Not only does a destination wedding planner have first hand knowledge of your chosen destination, but they have contacts whom they can call into play and can often pull a few strings to secure that all important date at the venue you've fallen in love with.

Just some of the things a destination bride would have to be prepared for could be organising group travel, planning activities for before and after the wedding, not to mention getting her head around extensive wedding documents. By utilising the services of a wedding planner, she can take advantage of group discounts, be given advice and suggestions for worthwhile activities, receive help sorting out foreign legal documentation and much more.

Some couples assume that the wedding co-ordinator at their chosen hotel or resort will be on hand to sort out the paper work, liaise with vendors and be present at a rehearsal, but often this simply isn't the case. A good wedding planner can minimise the stress and ensure you approach your wedding day feeling relaxed and happy, rather than frazzled and worn out. Surely all destination weddings should be planned this way!

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