Vanuatu for your Destination Wedding

Espiritu Santo Island 1 mediumHaving just returned from Vanuatu I really believe that this destination is an untouched undiscovered Paradise.  Firstly you can’t go past the genuine friendliness of the local people.  From the taxi drivers, hotel staff and porters to your room.  Nothing was too much trouble, if there were no pancakes at the breakfast buffet and you wanted pancakes, well they would arrange pancakes.  Always happy and smiling which seems to be contagious throughout the guests at the resorts.  Everyone talks to everyone, everyone is happy and having a good time.

Having been in travel for 20 years (god that makes me feel old) and selling destination weddings for 10, I have seen many destinations, done a lot of culture experiences and experienced many tourist attractions.  What I found so refreshing in Vanuatu is just how beautiful and untouched everything is.  The country doesn’t get the high level of tourism that some of its pacific neighbours do and the raw beautify of many of it’s attractions (like the Cascade Falls to the Blue Lagoon) shines through.  I was blown away at the beauty of the country, really really blown away.

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The food!  If your anything like me when travelling you like to eat and drink your way through a country.  Food is so important to me and I was really impressed with the high quality of food. The fact that all beef comes from the island Santo and is organic helps in making sure you enjoy the best eye fillet burger, eye fillet Thai beef salad or eye fillet teppanyaki you have ever tasted.  I mean ever tasted! (and I’ve had my fair share of burgers over the years on my travels).  Not to mention all the fresh tropical fruits and salads. I would go as far to say it was the best lettuce (yes, lettuce) I have ever eaten.  Food plays a big part in making your wedding reception one that is talked about for years to come and I have no doubt you will not be disappointed with the high level of quality (and options) in Vanuatu.

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 What I loved so much about Vanuatu is the number of activities you can do and how close everything is.  There is a Casino, brewery, an array of restaurants from French, Italian, Japanese – you name it.  A huge amount of water sports with some of the worlds best diving including a ship wreck.  Many islands either by boat or flight to discover including live volcanoes to explore.  Golf, horse riding, secluded sandy beaches, turtle feeding and the amazing blue lagoon, which was insanely beautiful, like something out of a movie.   Many people we met just met a taxi driver who they hired for the day and ended up having them the entire stay, they’d go to the local schools, their villages to drink the Kava and one family we met was even being taken pig hunting.  Not touristy but with the locals.  You can really immerse yourself in the real way of life and see how things really are.  Which is the one thing I love about travelling more than anything.

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In saying all this, I think it’s important to note that I have always been a huge advocate of the Asian countries.  I was married in Thailand, honeymooned in India (my first born is even named India) and travelled extensively throughout the South East Asian Countries.  I consider myself a pretty tough critic and given how spoilt I have been in seeing so many places around the world, I think I’m pretty hard to impress.  Something really touched me about Vanuatu, I can’t say exactly what it was and I’m sure it’s a combination of all things (the people, the honest cultural experience, the beauty, the food, getting out of Melbourne’s winter) but I walked back on our last day from breakfast with a tear in my eye, wishing we could stay longer and promising to return year after year.    It’s a really special place and I hope that I can encourage you to also experience this magical undiscovered destination.

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If you are looking for a wedding destination that has something for everyone and will give you an experience of a lifetime I really believe you can’t go past Vanuatu.   For a wedding group there are so many great hens and bucks options to choose from.  Lots of restaurants and meeting places to explore and they even have a nightlife (outside of the resort), which is not common in the Pacific and can make for a huge amount of fun with a wedding group.  There are so many accommodation options for all budgets and all close by that you will be able to cater for all of your guests needs.  I truly believe you will be giving your guests an amazing gift by asking them to join you and discover this heaven on earth. 

I know I’ve started recruiting all my friends and family to join us year after year at this place.  In fact, I think a vow renewal might just be the way to go. 

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