Top tricks for destination wedding hair

For any bride planning a destination wedding the great news is that simple, natural hairstyles are the ones that work best and are certainly the easiest to accomplish. Start by looking in a few magazines and having a chat with your local stylist. Take along some pictures and discuss a few ideas to narrow down the possibilities. The bottom line is to keep your style uncomplicated, whether it be a simple up style or casual and sexy, so that it's easy to do on the day, when you've plenty of other things to focus on.

Top tricks for destination wedding hair

Don't worry about a tropical climate

Humidity can be a problem although if you've got curly hair it can help it along. For other types of hair, there are plenty of products to help you achieve a straight smooth look, if that's what you want. Just remember to bring the appropriate products with you, as chances of finding the exact products you use at home, are pretty remote on a tropical island.

Have your hair cut about two weeks before the wedding

Most women prefer their newly cut hair about a week after it's been done, as by then it seems to have settled and they've got used to styling it themselves. Plan ahead to find a style you like and then get your stylist to cut your hair two weeks before your wedding so that you're not dealing with a fresh cut on your wedding day and your hair falls naturally into place.

Allow at least a week for a colour

Should you end up getting your hair colour on your scalp or around your hairline, it can take three or four days to disappear. Give yourself a week of washing it and going about your normal routine, so that it looks and feels natural on the day. You need to take this approach with highlights too.

Consider hair extensions

Hair extensions aren't as costly as many women think and they can make an incredible difference to how you look and feel on the day. They're very easy and look totally natural. If you want the look of more hair, length, or fullness, then extensions are the way to go. Again, have them put in a couple of weeks before you leave for your destination, so you get used to the feel of them.

Relax your mind

Finally, the last tip is to relax and be in a good space mentally. Take time before your wedding to have a couple of relaxing massages and treatments. Feel at peace with yourself and accept that there may be a few stresses that come up, but you can take them all in your stride. Feeling good within will show on the outside and help you look the beautiful princess you want to be on your special day.


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