Top 5 tips for the destination bride

Destination weddings are growing in popularity for a variety of reasons but they're not without their challenges. For example there's the issue of navigating the culture/language barrier to arranging a wealth of activities for your guests to do. However, destination weddings are pretty amazing and good fun too. So without further ado, let's take a look at the 5 top tips for all brides planning their perfect destination wedding.

1. Choosing the right destination

Whilst your perfect idea of romance might be to get married on a tropical island stuck in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, your guests may not be quite so enthusiastic about the time needed to travel. If you can't bear the thought of your family and close friends not being at your side, then give careful consideration to their circumstances when choosing your destination, and they'll be only too happy to come along for the party.

2. Selecting the perfect venue

The best thing about destination weddings is that you have so many options. Almost every hotel or resort in destination countries offer a variety of packages to suit the size of your wedding, to make planning that much easier. If on the other hand you want something different from a resort wedding then there's country houses, restaurants and boutique hotels galore to choose from

3. Enlist help

A lot of brides want to plan their special day themselves but with a destination wedding when perhaps you don't speak the language, you don't understand the culture, you have no idea of the best venues, and to be frank, you don't even know which areas of the land to choose or avoid, then it makes sense to hire the services of a wedding planner. Not only will they often speak the language, but they will know the destination inside and out and have plenty of contacts they can call upon.

4. Insure your perfect day

Some brides don't even know that wedding insurance exists, but for a relatively small one off premium you can insure against the unexpected, such as your venue going out of business, severe weather ruining your day, your bridal attire getting lost, or sudden illness forcing the cancellation of your wedding. Okay, it's not the most romantic of purchases, but it could well be the smartest.

5. Your To-Do List

Finally, even though the wedding planner may be handling most of the arrangements, it can help calm your inner control freak by making a list of the jobs which you have to sort out at your end, and you can use your list to make sure you keep track of all the elements needed in making your day run smoothly. Wedding Destinations can offer you a wedding insurance cover for your special day/travels.


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