Tips on planning your wedding flowers

Destination weddings are an exciting way of turning your special day into a fun and fulfilling longer experience which you can both share with your guests. A destination wedding can throw up some challenges in its planning but often with the help of a wedding planner and an event theme, such as a beach wedding, it leaves you with a little more time on your hands to plan just how your wedding flowers can carry through your ideas.

By far the easiest way to co-ordinate your flowers is with the help of a florist local to your destination. Below are a few tips to help you plan, maximise your budget and choose the perfect florist to bring your ideas to life.

Tips on planning your wedding flowers

Hiring a local florist

When looking for a local florist in your destination nothing is better than word of mouth. Ask if your venue can recommend a florist or perhaps your wedding planner may know of someone. A florist local to the area is likely to be familiar with your choice of venue and also know which local flowers should be in season at the time of your wedding. Using flowers grown locally is the best way of keeping the budget down, and also adds authenticity to the proceedings. Having a local florist will also be very helpful should there by any last minute hitches, and because he or she lives in the area, they should be able to adapt to any problems by substituting a particular flower with another which will work equally as well, should the need arise.

Email is a valuable resource

When working with a long distance florist, the chances are that pretty much all of your planning will be done by phone and email. Exchanging photos will be crucial and luckily this is easily done using email. Make sure you get plenty of shots of your wedding location and ask that they are updated throughout your planning process. Circumstances can change due to the weather so it is important that you stay updated on the site. Although your venue may have a website, there are probably insufficient photos of the ceremony and reception locations to give a good idea of the décor. You may also want to ask your hotel to send you any additional photos or ask your wedding planner or the florist, to visit the site and take the photos for you.

Another way to get the most out of your budget is to integrate your wedding flowers with the natural beauty and design of the destination. To this end your florist should be able to help but it's a good idea if you can send your florist some pictures and ideas of how you visualise the end effect, so that he or she knows just what you are looking for and what you are trying to achieve. Sampling the flowers is a must and you should ask the florist to create some samples which can be photographed and sent to you for approval. This will help put your mind at ease and serves as a visual confirmation that you and your florist are both singing from the same hymn sheet.

Be prepared on all accounts

Naturally your florist needs some workspace, so ask your destination venue whether a work area can be provided and whether there is a cost for that. Also enquire whether any future renovations are being planned which could impact on your plans. Be sure you have a clear understanding of the wedding site in general and whether there is sufficient room for your number of guests. Also how far is the walk for the wedding party and are there any measures in place to help avoid heels sinking into the sand or grass? Most importantly, will there be another wedding taking place before or after yours?

Destination weddings are unique to you and very exciting, although the planning needs extra attention to detail and direction. However by working with experienced professionals and sharing ideas, whether your flowers are flown in or picked locally for your special day, the secret is to have realistic goals, experienced talented vendors, and above all have fun.


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