Tips on accessorising for your destination wedding

Choosing the right accessories to wear with your bridal dress can make or break your look and it's really important to choose accessories which will enhance your appearance. Veils and long trains are likely to be out of the question with a beach wedding but there are still plenty of ways to accessorize your gown with carefully chosen baubles, jewels and shoes.

Choosing jewellery

Anything that catches the sun will also catch the eye for a beach wedding. If your gown is embellished with rhinestones or sequins then wearing some simple diamond jewellery and matching earrings will work well, and really make you dazzle. If your dress is decorated with pearl beads then choose some simple pearl jewellery. You could also think about tribal inspired jewellery for a tropical wedding, in the guise of earrings or a bracelet. Or how about finding out what flowers are popular in your destination and then wearing your hair loose with a pretty bloom tucked behind your ear.

Something old...something blue

For your something old you may have a family heirloom which will add sentimental value to your special day. If it's something out of style, such as your grandmother's brooch, then be creative and try pinning it on your bouquet. For your something blue, you could wear some pretty blue flip flops for a beach wedding, or keep it more subtle with blue in your jewellery or headpiece.

Tips on accessorising for your destination wedding

Bridal Shoes

If you're holding a beach wedding then the last thing you want is for pictures of you with your heels sinking into the sand. Choose low heeled sandals or even some dressy rhinestone or flower trimmed flip flops. This is an occasion when bare feet are positively encouraged so why not wear a pretty silver chain to show off nicely tanned ankles and painted toenails.

Lightweight wrap

If you're getting married at sunset, then think about providing light wraps or shawls for your bridesmaids to cover their shoulders should the air have a chill. It's also a good idea to give your matron of honour a light wrap to look after for yourself. Something lightweight and simple is all you need to throw around your shoulders until you get to your reception venue.

Step away from tradition

If you're getting married in a tropical setting then you really can step away from tradition and instead experiment with alternative looks to give your dress a boost. Pretty feather earrings and hand crafted wooden bracelets are not something you would normally wear to a wedding, but for a beach wedding, they would look great. Animal print clutch bags or wraps are another casual beach look which you and your bridesmaids could adopt.

Since beach weddings are all about being casual and relaxed, don't be tempted to over accessorize. The spotlight should be on the bride whose personality and beauty should shine out without anything to distract from that.


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