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For most brides located in Australia or New Zealand, there are two dominating regions to consider for a Destination Wedding.

The First is Asia, with locations such as Bali and Thailand at the forefront of this region offering endless options for all tastes and budgets.

Then comes The Pacific, a vast expanse of ocean covering over 30% of the entire Earth’s surface.
Yet despite the mind-boggling size of the Pacific region, places to get married are surprisingly scarce. Limited too in the Pacific, is the variety of wedding styles on offer in other parts of the world, so let’s go ahead and dissect a typical Pacific Wedding, so as to compare with its Asian rivals, thus clearing up any misconceptions about both.

Goodbye Civilisation

Without exception, all Pacific Islands are remote and with this isolation comes both strength and weakness. With the exception of Hawaii, Islands in the Pacific offer a ‘real life’ escape from civilisation as we know it.  Where as parallels can be drawn between Western Culture and Asian Culture, the simple life of the Pacific Islands really can be, well, a culture shock for us busy body's.

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Most of us complain about how fast our life and work is here in the western world, but one could argue that life is even faster in places like Bali and Thailand. In the Pacific however, time takes on a whole new connotation and is both the Pacific’s charm and its Achilles Heel.

Pacific Charm

Pick an Island, any island in the Pacific and you will immediately be struck by the pace at which life cruises along. Be it Fiji, Vanuatu or the Cook Islands, your arrival in the pacific presents you with a change in pace that can only be described as hitting a brick wall at 100KPH (on a Skateboard). For many of us, this comes as a welcome relief from crazy lives we live at home. For those of us juggernauts who simply cannot slow down however, time in the Pacific can be quite frustrating and frankly should be your number one consideration in deciding between a wedding in Asia or the Pacific. 

Service vs Tranquility

In contrast to our developed world and Asia’s developing world, the laid-back nature of the Pacific is reflected in all aspects of life in the islands. Service levels, eye for detail and overall quality are often the trade-off you will need to consider, for the peace and tranquillity synonymous with the Pacific. Wedding venues are almost entirely limited to holiday resorts and the resorts themselves are often isolated with little to nothing to do, outside of the resort. Therefore the second consideration to have in mind when choosing between Asia and the Pacific, is your own expectations of quality, service and attentiveness, you demand for you and your guests.Luxury Koh Samui Wedding

If you are the kind of Bride who has a laid back and easy outlook to your Wedding, The Pacific should not present too many issues for you. If on the other hand you foresee yourself as being the type of bride demands a high level of service with a keen eye for detail, choose your Pacific Wedding Destination carefully. You Wedding Destinations Planner is able to give you advice based upon your personal expectations. If you are getting married in the Pacific, it's important to discuss your expectations with your planner clearly and well in advance, as plans can be slow to reach fruition and specific requests demand special attention. 

If you have ever travelled to Asia, things of course are very different indeed and aspects of Thailand, Bali or Malaysia can be very much in-your-face. Unlike the friendly, easy going Pacific Islanders, Asia can at times be a little confronting, with their world travelling at a million mile per hour.

"Fiji Time"

The flip side to the more familiar, frantic way of life we share with Asia, is of course the high level of service, attention to detail and overall quality. The variety and quality of food throughout Asia far surpasses that of the Pacific, where meals can be quite bland and unexciting. Service levels throughout the Pacific are openly described by Fijians as ‘Fiji Time’. ‘Fiji Time’, which can be roughly interpreted to mean "you will get you drink or meal, if and when the service staff get around to it". For some brides, this level of service at their wedding, could be an unacceptable concession.

An obvious exception to the rules when it comes to the Pacific is of course Hawaii, which though remote, is an integral part of the United States of America and all the creature comforts we enjoy in the Western World are on offer there. Like most Pacific Destinations though, Hawaii is at the higher end of the price scale and to get the kind of wedding on offer in Asia, will cost you a pretty penny.


One big misconception about the Pacific is that it is cheap. Yes budget weddings are possible, however your stay at the resort could get expensive. With very little in the way of restaurants or bars outside of Pacific Resorts, you and your guests have few options outside of where you are staying. With no external dinning options, resort prices for food and beverages can really add up, blowing out the cost of your wedding and placing financial strain upon your guests.

Flights to the Pacific can also be costly, where Thailand, Bali and Malaysia are serviced by several airlines, all competing to offer affordable airfares.


Due to the resort based nature of Pacific Weddings, venues will often insist upon providing their own in house wedding professionals, such as Photographers, Entertainers or Florists. In most cases these providers are good and have been tried and tested by the venue. This is great if you are looking for a straight forward, simple Wedding, however for the bride seeking a specific style or a particular professional for their wedding, Pacific Holiday Resorts are likely to refuse the use of third party professionals. Such restrictions can make it tricky to create a unique wedding style and experience.

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If you insist upon a unique wedding, based upon your own vision, you will require the extra flexibility and variety only Asia can offer. Whilst anything is possible, to achieve that level of detail and quality in the Pacific could get very expensive and require a very high level of patience on them part of both bride and planner. Both Asia and Pacific do offer simple, no fuss wedding packages and the locations such as Fiji and Vanuatu do this exceedingly well. Fiji based resorts have made a concerted effort to hone in on the Destination Wedding market and offer a variety gorgeous Chapels and Wedding Locations, with package to suit most budgets. The real decision comes if you want a little more than a run of the mill, package wedding and freedom to create your own, specific dream wedding.     


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