The Perfect Gift

Picture the perfect Wedding, in your dream location. The Sun, the Sand, the breathtaking Views, all in the company of the most special people in your life. The Ceremony is over and shortly after your Reception dinner comes the Wedding Gifts. Filled with excitement you tear the wrappings from a brand new, state of the art Food Processor, quickly moving on to the 55 inch LED Television and Non-Stick Pots & Pan Set. But wait a moment... Something is not quite right with this scenario, is it?

Yep, you got! Wedding gifts and Destination Weddings, require slightly more thought than your everyday, run-of-the-mill, domestic wedding and in this article we will look at some of the ways to approach this sensitive topic. Obviously, luggage restrictions will dictate what you can carry home from the wedding, so this is a topic that will require some thought.

What you want?

Firstly you need to decide, what it is you want, what level of gifts you expect and more importantly, what can your guests afford. Your primary consideration must be your guests on this one and for most brides, just the effort for a guest to attend a Destination Wedding, is gift enough.

The Registry

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For many couples, a simple Bridal Register hosted by a Department Store is the ideal means for guests to contribute to your very specific gift list. A Gift Registry ensures no double ups or unwanted gifts find their way into the mix and couples will often use this opportunity to improve the new home and new life they are about to embark upon.

A great advantage of the Registry is that since the gifts are being held in store, they can be collected when you return from your Destination Wedding and/or Honeymoon, meaning that larger gifts will not impose on your 20 - 30KG luggage allowance.

While in theory the Bridal Registry sounds like the perfect solution, this method is certainly not without it's pitfalls, the number one being politics. While we would not dare to try and explain why this is, Gift Registries, for reasons unknown to mankind, can lead to squabbles and general ill feeling between guests. If embarking into the world of Gift Registries, it is also critical that you consider your guests and their individual budgets, when choosing items for your register.

Home Coming Party

A less common but effective solution is to hold a Post Wedding party back home. Whether you choose a Gift Registry or for friends and loved ones to choose wedding gifts, a less formal event at home or close by, allows easy collection of the gifts and the opportunity to personally thank the generosity of your loved ones. For many couples the Home Coming Party also serves to include friends and family who could not attend your destination wedding, into your celebrations.

Bring a Bottle 

Santorini Wedding WineWhile Beers and Basic Spirits are usually cheap overseas, Fine Wines, Champagne and Top Shelf Spirits may be hard to come by and carry a serious price tag. So an increasingly popular trend in gifting we have seen, is asking guests to bring a bottle for a Post or Pre Wedding celebration on location. Apart from saving you the cost of catering another party, you and your guests also get to enjoy some quality beverages, not so readily available on location.

Bring Yourself

Unsurprisingly, the most commonly requested gift for a Destination Wedding, is the company of loved ones. In witnessing you and partner committing to one and other, your guests are also asked to make a fairly substantial commitment as well. For most couples, your guests willingness to travel overseas and attend your special day, is present enough. In other words, their presence is your present! 

However you choose to address the Wedding Gift conundrum, think it through and give consideration to the guests that are already investing a lot of money, just to be there with you. It is unpractical to try and bring gifts home with you and demanding further financial commitment from your guests, could just force them into staying at home. 


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