The Advantages of having your Aussie wedding planner at the wedding

So your having a Destination Wedding and, if your smart, you have even hired a wedding planner based in your home country to assist you in choosing the right venues and the best local suppliers.  But when all the planning is done and you arrive at your destination, what really happens on your wedding day?

Of course, all venues we work with have in-house planners and although they are great at what they do the in house planners are really there to oversee the venues part of the wedding and all their staff. 

The venues mainly handle the set up (if being done in-house) and the food and beverage service.  As far as the actual detailed running of the event, well they really don’t get too involved with that, which makes having your own planner on the ground invaluable.  They become the middle person between you, the venue and all the suppliers involved in bringing together your wedding event.  Your western planner will double check the set up is correct and fix any issues before you would even know about them, they will make sure the DJ has arrived on time the music is lined up correctly and ensure all the key songs are in order and ready to go. 

They will ensure that you arrive at the venue when you need to, by a buggy!! (because it’s really hot!) avoiding you left waiting for 15 minutes in the sun whilst your late guests are still arriving.  They will make sensible judgment calls like changing the tea lights that were arranged to led lights because it’s too windy and they would have all blown out, killing the ambiance when the sun goes down. 

They will double check your seating plan, make sure the vegans & celiac’s know what they can and can’t eat.  They will calm any nervous members of the bridal party or family and sit down with your MC and go through the breakdown of events and give guidance throughout the evening when he needs to jump on the mic. 

They will grab your veil and shoes and have them delivered to your room when you no longer need them, they will ensure all your cards, special props and any other items you had bought over are collected at the end of the night and delivered to your room.

I really could go on and on about all the finer elements of executing the perfect wedding day but ultimately your western wedding planner will have every detail thought of and covered before you even know about it, making the running of your wedding day one of perfection and giving you and your guest the most incredible wedding day experience that will be like no other. 

Having your own planner attend the wedding is an added luxury and does come at an additional charge however for the couple that have the budget and are wanting to ensure that their wedding day is the most unbelievable experience of their life, that everything runs to absolute perfection allowing you to spend the entire day enjoying every moment of it and not stressing about the small incidentals of the day  - Well then there really is no choice. 

Your day will not only be everything you dreamed of but it will exceed absolutely every expectation you had, but don’t take my word for it, just ask one of our happy brides!







Troy Woods:

Thanks for your on-the-ground insight Daniel.

We too have certainly seen a shift towards Koh Samui, which as you say, is in part due to the increase in Phuket Wedding prices and the Beach Wedding restrictions. There are of course some exceptions and affordable options with Beach access do exist in Phuket, such as the stunning Cape Panwa Resort, on the southern tip of the island.
To explore these options, Brides are always welcome to discuss Phuket or Samui weddings with one of our planners.
Websites such as yours Daniel also offer an invaluable perspective into Thailand Wedding Photography that is certain to promote a keen interest for this gorgeous destination, while inspiring couples already decided upon Thailand to get creative with their event.
Thanks again Daniel and we look forward to seeing more of your stunning work in the future.

Daniel Baci:

Great read!, I knew that the weather was better but didnt know why.. And yes Samui is my winner all around better!.. It the past 10+ years Thailand has been a huge growing market for destination wedding!, Phuket and Koh Samui in particular... Phuket's market being the bigger of the islands with the most venues, suppliers, the best photographer & videographers to choose from. However in the past few years weddings have decreased in Phuket and increased in Koh Samui and a few other Islands. Because Phuket banded its beach weddings and all private beaches are no longer private, huge crowds surrounding the wedding celebrations, oh and not to mention the prices for everything have gone up 30% or more, many people have moved over to Koh Samui to have their wedding, Samui has always been popular for weddings but in general they were smaller more simple weddings. Koh Samui with the growth of the market has really stepped up in quality and it has some of the most stunning wedding venues and locations in the world!, its much more private with amazing sea view, beach front villas and resorts making it the new leader for destination wedding couples around the world!.. Check out my website for more info regarding weddings in Thailand as I am a photographer & videographer who has shot over 300 weddings here http://www.dbaciphotography...

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