Thailand's Hidden Gems

As you trawl the internet in search of wedding inspiration, one of the questions sure to be at the forefront of your mind, is where to get married. Whether or not you have already decided upon a Thai Wedding, what is likely, is that you have uncovered the endless options available in this popular Destination Wedding Wonderland.

Of course, it almost goes without saying, that Phuket and Koh Samui have all bases covered and both locations can accommodate any style of wedding at pretty much any budget.

But are Phuket and Samui where the options end for Thailand?
Absolutely not!

Thailand is completely littered with secret paradises, some off the beaten track and other hidden in plain sight.

To seek out some of the less obvious Thai Wedding locations, it’s probably a good idea to understand the basic Geography of Thailand. Here’s a real quick lesson!

Thailand wedding Map


The Capital of Bangkok is conveniently situated in a very central position to the rest of Thailand.

To it’s north is a giant inland wilderness, surrounded by Burma, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia, while the south is a narrow strip of land between the Andaman Sea and Gulf of Thailand, called the Malay Peninsular. Keep heading south and the Peninsular eventually turns into Malaysia.

The popular tourist areas are all located on either side of the Malay Peninsular.


So that’s it for the geography class, let’s explore.



Mainland Krabi is situated on the West of that Peninsular we just talked about and shares the Andaman Sea with its island neighbour, Phuket. Despite being mainland, Krabi is much quieter than the popular islands. Surprisingly however, Krabi boasts some of the most beautiful Wedding Locations Thailand has to offer.


Famous for its Limestone cliffs and Mangrove Forests, the photo opportunities in Krabi are a-plenty. Amongst the hotels and resorts accommodating wedding parties in Krabi is the ‘Centara Grand’, ‘Tubkaak’ Resort and super luxurious ‘Rayavadee’. All offer excellent facilities, with the high levels of service and quality required to host a wedding.Zeavola Phi Phi 2

Phi Phi Islands

In between Phuket and Krabi are the Islands of Phi Phi. Like Krabi, a wedding on Phi Phi Island is much quieter affair. What Phi Phi has that Krabi does not however, is that Tropical Island vibe. And where there is a tropical island, you can bet there will be gorgeous white sandy beaches.
Popular Wedding friendly resorts on Phi Phi include the Zeavola and the Holiday Inn, again both offer outstanding facilities and jaw-dropping beach settings.

Khao LakFile210030


Heading North of Krabi and Phuket, but again on the mainland is Khao Lak. With a more laid back feel, couples looking for more natural surroundings will love the National Parks, Lagoons and Native Wildlife. The Sarojin Resort in Khao Lak set the scene for a staggeringly beautiful beach wedding, in the lap of Thai luxury.




 For the Bride and Groom who seek even more isolation from the mainstream holiday destinations, look no further than Khanom. Situated on the East Coast of our now familiar Malay Peninsular, but this time on the Gulf of Thailand, Khanom lies just south of Koh Samui Island. Weddings in Khanom, as like life in Khanom, are a couple of notches more relaxed, but venues such as the Aava Resort are easily accessible and offer a dreamy wedding setting that is incomparable to anywhere else in Thailand.


While all of the locations we have talked about are perfect in so many ways, it is worth mentioning that when planning weddings outside of the main tourist areas, one be mindful that most of Thailand’s wedding pro’s are located in Bangkok, Phuket or Koh Samui. While most are generally happy to travel, you could incur a small surcharge for their travel expenses. That said, it can sometimes work out cheaper to bring in a professional from another area than locally, so it is worth speaking to your planner and finding out who will travel and what the locals can offer.

The most import thing of all, is to make sure both you and your partner are both happy with the location. Before locking in your Wedding location, get to know the area a little, either online or through your Destination Wedding Planner.

Ensure that the location will work for your guests and that accommodation is available at the venue or reasonably close by. Again, the team at Wedding Destinations are able to coordinate your guests travel through our in-house Travel Agency, offering specialist service at competitive high street travel agent prices.



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