Table centrepieces ideas for your destination wedding

Table centrepieces ideas for your destination wedding

For any wedding fabulous table centre pieces impress your guests and help to get them in the party mood. However, when you're planning a destination wedding, the thought of creating centre pieces which catch the eye can be quite daunting. The good news is that there are plenty of options for making your own centrepieces, which are easy and don't require packing a couple of extra suitcases with materials.

Using shells and candles

A very simple idea which looks stunning is to get yourself a collection of glass tumblers of varying heights and some floating candles. Simply scatter in an assortment of sea shells to fill about a third of each glass and add water to come about half way up. Float your candle on this making sure the water level is low enough so that the candle is protected from the wind and won't blow out. Arrange the glasses in different heights for an elegant and visually appealing centrepiece. You could scatter a few blooms around each centrepiece such as plumeria or lilies, or whatever local flower is readily available. Choose white candles for an elegant look or use something more vibrant to match your overall wedding colour theme.

Blue themes

Many brides like to incorporate blue into their ocean wedding themes, but there aren't always that many blue flowers to choose from. You could choose blue containers such as brightly coloured blue metal buckets and decorate them with a length of rope around the middle and a star fish glued on the, or fill tall glass containers with blue tinted water and then add just a couple of long stems of white flowers for a nautical theme.

Add light

What could be more romantic than using lanterns and twinkle lights for an evening reception?Placing different sized lanterns on your tables creates interest and adds to the overall sense of romance. Match this with a few simple floral arrangements and it will look breathtaking. Pretty paper lanterns are another option and since they come flat, you could take them with you in your case.


Why not create an edible centre piece. A cupcake centre stand could be piled high with star fish shaped cookies, decorated with sugar sprinkles or icing. Alternatively, depending on your destination, you may be able to find a local baker who can make some cupcakes and ask to have iced in colours to match your theme or decorated with small shells. At the end of the evening, your guests can help themselves to a tasty snack.

All natural table runners

Instead of the usual satin or damask runners why not use interesting materials to catch the eye of your guests? Perhaps you could try a length of drift wood dotted with some pretty glass votives and scattered with some flower petals.


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