Something special for your guests

Although this is your wedding day, don't forget that your guests have made a big commitment to attend your destination wedding, and it's cost them much more than just the price of a wedding gift, too. So with this in mind, here's a few ideas of things you can do to make your guests feel appreciated.

Gift baskets/champagne in the rooms

What could be nicer than being shown in to your hotel room and finding a gift basket sitting there waiting. You could have some baskets made up with a delightful array of colourful and tempting local fruits to tempt any palate and slip in a handwritten thank you note too. A bottle of chilled champagne is another thoughtful idea which any guest would appreciate.

Plan an arrival dinner

A really nice way of saying thank you to all of your guests for coming to your wedding is to plan an arrival dinner. A welcoming meal at a local restaurant is a great way to kick start the celebrations and it gives guests a chance to unwind from their travels and get acquainted with each other.

Something special for your guests

Book a special event

One of the best things about destination weddings is the time you get to spend with friends and families so why not book a special event which you can all enjoy together. Depending on your destination it could be something fun like a cooking lesson in the local cuisine, a wine tasting tour, a dancing lesson, or even a thrilling group hot air balloon ride, to make everyone's trip unforgettable.

Create welcome packs

Take the time to put together a small “welcome pack” for each guest which can be placed in their room together with another copy of the wedding itinerary. Include such things as names of other guests staying in the same hotel, relevant phone numbers, plus brochures and maps for the local area.

Gift voucher for pampering

Travelling to any destination is tiring and when it's a foreign country it's easy to get a little anxious about coping with the language or simply getting from the airport to the location. Why not give your guests a gift voucher for a local spa retreat so that they can book the massage or treatment of their choice, and feel pampered and rejuvenated in time for the wedding day.

There you have it. A few ideas which will make your guests smile with delight and make them glad to decided to come.


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