Santorini Weddings! What's all the fuss about?


Greek Weddings and in particular Weddings in Santorini are for many Brides the recurring dream, that when deciding where to marry, overwhelmingly etches itself into your imagination. But don’t be too alarmed by this, you’re certainly not alone!

Call Santorini a Mediterranean Island and you will be quickly corrected, as the Cyclades Archipelago of which Santorini is part of, is located in the Southern Aegean Sea, about 200 KMS South East of the Greek Mainland. But details aside, the Aegean Sea hides in a small corner of the Mediterranean Sea and from May through to September enjoys that famous Mediterranean sunshine everyone has heard about.

There are a number of ways to get to the island including several Greek and European Airlines, that will get you there from most European countries, very cheaply. It’s most common for Australian’s to fly into either Athens or London and pick up a short flight to the Island. Others may prefer to take a Ferry to Athinios, the second of the islands ports, located on the West coast of Santorini.

However you decide to get there, it won’t take long for you to fall in love with Santorini. For this little Greek Island is undoubtedly, the most picturesque Island in the entire Mediterranean, which really is quite an achievement considering the competition.

Although Santorini has for decades been a Destination Wedding hot spot for Europeans, it has not always been quite so attainable for Australian couples. One factor was the distance, (though it has to be said, the world is getting smaller). But the main reason that Santorini was out of reach for us, was because no Australian Wedding Planner had set up base there. Yes, a handful of foolhardy travel agents and very brave Destination Wedding Planners would have a go, but without the proper group of Wedding professionals based on the island such as Caterers, Photographers, Celebrants etc, things often got very tricky indeed, even disastrous.

Thankfully though, Santorini is no longer the logistical nightmare that it once was. Over the past 12 years Wedding Destinations have built the one and only directly Australian managed Destination Wedding Team on the island, with a broad range of Venues serviced by quite frankly, the best Wedding Professionals Greece has to offer. Having worked with the same team for so many years, Wedding Destinations is the only Australian Travel or Wedding Planner to have its own dedicated team on the Island of Santorini.

So when you hear people say that getting married in Santorini is a problem, you’ll now know why we say “What’s all the fuss about”?


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