Santorini Report

My Santorini Wedding Adventure,

by Angela Woods
Last month, on the 23rd of May, I touched down on what I can only describe as being the most inspiring location I have ever visited. Even before I landed, the view from the aircraft as we made our approach into Santorini (Thira) International Airport, was literally "breathtaking". 

There below, surrounded by a deep blue Aegean Sea, stood the Cyclades Islands and as the aircraft gently rolled into final approach position, the Island of Santorini came into sight. Safe to say, I was not the only person aboard to let out a gasp of shear delight, upon seeing that unmistakable starched white architecture and Blue Domes.

Hurrying through the arrivals lounge, I was greeted by my driver who drove me to my Hotel, where I quickly parted with my luggage and set out to explore.

Astounded by the beauty of the island, it was instantly confirmed to me, exactly why Santorini is such an amazing location to tie the knot. Verbalising this however, is not such an easy task, but I will do my best.How much does it cost for a santorini wedding

High up on the cliffs and through the ancient and narrow streets, a comforting breeze seems to playfully follow you around, conjuring memories of new romance and the excitement experienced discovering true love for the first time. As I drifted through the peaceful lane-ways, there was a genuinely warm and happy atmosphere, not only emitted from the island, but everyone fortunate enough to be there at that moment.

Relaxing into the flow of the island, it was time to get to work and sample some of what Santorini has to offer. Under the guidance of our gorgeous on the ground planner 'Manto' we set about visiting numerous hotels, restaurants and venues, getting a true perspective on how each and everyone of them, has it's own distinct charm.

To be completely honest, up until then, I was of the opinion that Santorini was a Wedding Destination, suitable only to a specific type of bride. Within just a few hours though, meeting the locals and inspecting several venues, my opinion was changed quite assuredly, The reality that lay right before my eyes, was that Santorini has something to offer any bride and groom, from all walks of life.

Beach Weddings 

Yep, you read it right. Beach Weddings... In Santorini???

 When you think about getting married in Santorini, you automatically visualise those White Chapels or Cliff Edge ceremonies, giving little to no consideration to the prospect of a beach wedding. Yet along the southern coast of the island is a string of very trendy beach-side bars and restaurants, many of which are designed specifically Santorini Beach Weddingwith weddings and such events in mind.

Seeing as what makes up the the Cyclades Islands is the peaks of an ancient volcano, another surprise is the unique dark sand that covers the beaches.

Weddings can be performed by many of the venues on the beach or from the venue itself, with the sound of the sea in the background.

In contrast to the more traditional venues higher up on the cliffs, most of the beach-side venues represent a far more Chic and Funky option.

Another interesting discovery however, was whether you choose to hold the ceremony cliff-side or not, the option of having your reception beach-side or even a Pre or Post wedding celebrations, adds an unexpected twist to the Stereotypical Santorini Wedding format.

New Venues

Besides taking in the overwhelming beauty of Santorini and sampling the amazing cuisine, my primary reason for visiting Santorini was to seek out new and exciting venues for our brides. With Santorini's popularity in overdrive, it's no secret that Australian couples have been struggling to source wedding and reception venues. In some instances, Weddings have had to be booked several years in advance, purely due to demand and the tight time frame in which weddings can be held on the island.

So it is with great pleasure indeed, that we can now introduce another seven spectacular wedding and reception venues, to our portfolio. Please feel free to follow the links below for a look;Want to marry in Santorini 

  • Venetsanos Winery
  • Akro Beach Bar
  • Theros Wave Bar
  • Pyrgos Restaurant
  • Yalos Beach Bar
  • Cavatogoo
  • Feredini Restaurant


As with all of our venues around the world, all new venues are of course fully supported by our renowned team of industry leaders, based on location in Santorini. Operating in accordance with our strict quality criteria, the perfect wedding experience is ensured, every time.

Catching up on the latest gossip

In keeping it consistent with all my location visits around the world, I always like to catch up with our team of Wedding Professionals and Venues, just to get the low down on whats happening around town. All expressed how much they have enjoyed working with our Aussie couples and how much the bar has been lifted over the past few years, in part by our influence over there.Greece Wedding Venetsanos Winery

The levels of quality and luxury now commonplace on the island are arguably the best a Destination Bride and Groom could ever wish for, anywhere. During my visit I too was astounded by the attention to detail and shear excellence throughout the Hotels and Venues we are partnered with. They truly are an inspiration!

If you are curious about tying the knot in Greece or want to find out more about getting married in Santorini, we would love to discuss how we can make this happen for you. With Santorini by far the fastest growing Wedding Destination for Australian and New Zealander couples, we can create a unique wedding experience, to suit your needs and budget.


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