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As Australia’s number one destination wedding coordinator, Phuket Weddings are always high up in our list of coming events.
Rivalling the popular wedding destination of Bali, Phuket in Thailand today accounts for the highest number of both enquiry and wedding bookings, which we manage on a daily basis.
So what it is that attracts so many couples to get married in Phuket, and what points of difference are there between Phuket and somewhere like Bali?

 Thailand wedding flights 

I believe I can Fly

Australian and New Zealand couples really are spoilt for choice when it comes to Destination Wedding Locations, with Asia and the Pacific on our doorstep. With Bali being at most a five hour flight from Australian Capital cities and only a couple more hours from New Zealand, it makes sense that Bali is so popular. 

But despite the slightly longer flight times to Thailand, Phuket is still a significant rival to the ever popular Indonesian tourist island of Bali. If time in the air is a problem, then couples will often choose to factor this in when deciding between Thailand and Bali for a Destination Wedding. Both Bali and Phuket are however conveniently serviced by their own international airports, therefore direct flights from most of our capital cities, negate the need for long airport transfers or connecting flights.

But if a couple more hours on the plane is not a factor for you, Phuket does offer some tantalising extras, which Bali could struggle to challenge.

Probably the most critical difference between Bali and Thailand is ‘Bang for the Buck’. Weddings in Phuket or Thailand in general are overall a cheaper option and will deliver far more options, with comparable levels of quality to Bali. Much like Bali, attention to detail in Thailand is very good indeed and local wedding professionals deliver world-class results, in every aspect of the event process.



Phuket Beach Weddings

Where Phuket boasts almost endless Ceremony and Reception choices, it is worth noting, that much like Bali, Phuket is subject to restrictions when it comes to “Beach Weddings”. While venues such as the Cape Panwa Hotel in Phuket and Majoly in Bali are able to overcome these restrictions and offer Beach Wedding options, such venues are the exception and not the norm.


The Elephant in the Room

There is an unfortunate but nonetheless unavoidable topic that couples will have to raise when deciding between a Bali or Thailand Wedding. For Bali there is an unavoidable ‘Elephant in the room’, which could deter some couples or their guests, regardless of how unsubstantiated their apprehensions may be. Sadly Bali’s history and occasional unwelcome interference by the Indonesian government, can play upon the minds of some travellers. Whether these concerns are rational or not, couples should look to get a vibe from their guests, before moving forward with the planning. Of course, Thailand like anywhere in the world is not without its troubles, but it is no secret that the Thai Government has a very keen interest in supporting the ongoing growth of their tourism industry and will stop at nothing to ensure the safety of all that visit there. Almost by default, Thailand is considered by most as a safe and dependable destination, two factors which are sure to play an important role in deciding where to get married.

Money Matters


Thailand wedding costAs previously touched upon, for the majority of brides and grooms, the cost of their wedding has to be a consideration. And while Phuket is generally speaking a more cost effective option when compared to Bali, it is one of the more expensive regions of Thailand to hold a wedding. With some exceptions, costs in Phuket are driven by the popularity of this holiday Island. Demand in Phuket is high and most venues will charge a premium for the privilege of getting married there. Not surprisingly, locations around Thailand such as Koh Samui, Phi Phi Island and Krabi have benefited greatly from higher price tags associated with Phuket and offer comparable levels of service and professionalism at way more attractive prices.


Like nowhere else on earth though, Phuket offers variety. When it comes to weddings, Phuket has something for everyone. From budget 3 Star Hotel Weddings to the grandeur of incredibly sophisticated Villas, whatever it is you desire, Phuket can probably deliver. A popular destination with Indian couples, many of Phuket’s temples provide an alternative option for religious ceremonies to be conducted, with the celebrations being carried out at the resort or hotel.

Alternitive Phuket Weddings

But what about the kids?

Hotels and indeed the Thai people in general adore children. For couples or guests with kids, Phuket offers an abundance of excursions to keep the little ones entertained. From Zoo’s and Water-Parks to quirky attractions such as the ‘Upside Down House’, kids will not get bored in Phuket, much the same as the adults.

Off the beaten track

Though a busy tourist island, more secluded areas do exists in Phuket. While not in such abundance as Koh Samui or elsewhere in Thailand, these quieter spots can be found to the Northern and Southern extremes of the Island, often within a 15 minute drive of the tourist areas.


Weddings in Phuket can be subject to seasonal weather and it is strongly suggested that you discuss the Monsoon season with an experienced Thailand Wedding Coordinator before locking in any dates and getting rained out on the big day. Of course, there are always wet weather backups available, but these options should always be raised with your planner.


Overall, Phuket can be summed up as being a fun and friendly destination to have a wedding. Utterly mind-blowing weddings are performed almost daily in Phuket, as well as more intimate weddings and elopements. Luxury Villas or Boutique Hotels all play host to unique or package style weddings, where almost any budget can be catered for. And it is for those reasons and so many more, that Phuket is year after year, our most popular Wedding Destination in the world.











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