Pacific Weddings vs Asia

When trying to decide where to tie the knot, it’s important to know a little about the locations you have in mind. Weighing up the pros and cons can be a real balancing act and at first it’ makes sense to go with what you know.

For many Australians, destinations like Bali, Thailand and Fiji are fairly familiar and most have travelled to at least one of these holiday hotspots. Recommendations from friends and relatives also play a big part in deciding, but taking a holiday and getting married can be two very different prospects.

 It’s common for brides to approach their wedding planner in the first instance, with some idea about where they think might be the perfect wedding destination. Surprisingly however, many change their minds once they have been educated as to the pros and cons.  

Now you might think that this is simply that the planner is selling a destination that they favor for some reason, but the choice nearly always comes from the bride, once they have a better understanding of the event itself.

 So if you are trying to choose between Asia or Pacific, to be perfectly honest, there really isn’t a “Best destination to get married”.

The location of your wedding really is 100% what works for you and your guests.

For lots of brides the idea of a Fiji Wedding is a very good one indeed. After all, in the Southern Hemisphere, Fiji is almost a Destination Wedding Mecca. There are numerous resorts that specialise in weddings, it’s a safe destination and it’s easy to get to for Aussies. Based on those facts alone one would assume that Fiji is a no brainer, but wait!

For many couples guests may be traveling from overseas, perhaps Europe or the UK. For these guests, Fiji could be a logistical nightmare, not too mention the cost. Based on this alone, for wedding groups with guests from abroad, suddenly Fiji might not be so attractive.

In these cases it’s not in the slightest bit unusual for Bride and Groom to switch their focus to Destinations like Thailand, Indonesia, even Malaysia.

Surprising as this may sound, it is significantly cheaper for travellers from the United Kingdom to fly to Thailand, than it is for Australians, plus it is situated conveniently for guests travelling from both sides of the globe. 

We all know how popular Bali is, not just for weddings but for travel in general and next to Fiji, Bali is surely next in line for the championship. Like Fiji, Bali is all geared up for Destination Weddings and offers some pretty unique wedding packages for any budget.

Again however, there are Pros and Cons to Bali as a Wedding Destination and either you or your guests, could have reservations about going there. If you have been considering Bali but for whatever reason decide against, Thailand is likely to win your final decision, but if you really want to get away from the whole Asian vibe, you are likely to turn you focus to the Pacific.

The tranquil Cook Islands are a far cry from Asia or if you prefer to things to remain Western, where could be better than gorgeous Hawaii.

If you prefer somewhere closer, of course there is New Caledonia and always my personal favourite Vanuatu, with it’s many beauty spots, great food and truly wonderful people.

                                                                                          And then there is the Indian Ocean…


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