Music list for destination wedding DJ

Putting together a well though out play list of music for your wedding can make or break the event. As you approach the final stages of your planning, take a look at your line up of music. If you're hosting a destination wedding or a themed wedding, playing the right music can really help to set the tone.

Here's a few tips which might help:

1. Work with your DJ

Most DJ's have a list of generic music which you can go through. It's a good way of singling out certain “cheesy” songs which you DON'T want at your wedding and also it gives your DJ an indication of the sort of music that you enjoy. Another way to personalise the music without having to list every song is to choose particular genres and music styles for the various components of the evening. For example, over dinner you might like some Jazz playing in the background or perhaps some chilled summer songs of Café Del Mar; and then to get everyone up and dancing you may want classic hits, retro, top 40 pop or even Latin. Ultimately, a good DJ should be able to get a good understanding of what atmosphere is required and what you do and don't want playing on the night, and should be able to “work his crowd” on the night.

2. Choosing your special wedding songs

When it comes to your “special” wedding songs, then you and your groom need to spend time together finalising your choice and making sure that the DJ has indeed got the particular version of the song that you want. Special songs include:

Music list for destination wedding DJ

Reception entrance
This is your grand entrance, when you and your groom enter the reception venue to the sound of clapping and cheering from your guests and loved ones. So choose something to highlight the moment. It can be something full of pomp and circumstance or something more rowdy and fun. Standard songs include “Celebration” and “Get the Party Started” but you could choose the Star Wars theme. There are no rules, so be as creative as you want.

First Dance
This is the most important song of the evening and the one that is eagerly awaited by your guests. It's romantic and it's your chance to be alone together on the dance floor, so make it special. If you've only got a small party with you, or you don't like being in the spotlight, then use the same song for the first dance and the bridal party dance. That way after a short period of dancing on your own, the bridal party can take to the floor and join in. Choose a song that you both like, and, more importantly one that you can both dance to easily; so keep it simple.

3. Consider your guests

Whilst you and your groom may be fans of heavy rock it's highly unlikely that your guests are too. When choosing your wedding songs it can be a good idea to have previously asked each guest to nominate their favourite song. That way you can be sure that someone likes the music you are playing. A top tip is to stay with music that most people will know and which appeals to all generations.

4. Play music that's in keeping with your destination

Whether you're on a tropical island or in a romantic Italian city, try and play some music which incorporates the idea of travel. Some good songs include Norah Jones – Come Away With Me, Frank Sinatra – Come Fly with Me and Thats Amore from Dean Martin plus a real must for any beach wedding, “Is this love?” by Bob Marley. You could also try a little Hawaiian music or Caribbean themed music, (depending where you are) to be played while you're all seated during the reception.

Choosing your wedding music is a personal thing, so don't leave it all up to the DJ to play what he likes. Work with him to personalise your wedding music so that everyone has a blast.


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