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So, you have been exploring the possibility of Santorini as a wedding destination and you would undoubtedly have been awe struck by the utter beauty of this dream Wedding location.
But is beauty just skin deep or can Santorini back up its good looks?
You’ve seen the breath-taking photos, read the tourism websites and brochures, so lets try to scrape beneath the surface and find out if Santorini is all it’s cracked up to be.

 Located in the Aegean Sea, the Greek Island of Santorini is a member of the Cyclades group of Islands. Being in the northern hemisphere and within the Mediterranean region, the summer wedding season begins in May and cools down through the month of September.  This time period is ideal if you plan to escape the winter months here in Australia, but the window is small.

We’ll talk more about this later in the piece.

During the summer months you can usually expect the perfect climate, with temperatures reaching into the low 30oC’s and humidity at comfortable levels most of the time.

 Santorini Wedding VenueThe starched, white architecture set upon magnificent cliffs, overlook an Archipelago of islands of which Santorini is the largest, presenting unrivalled photographic opportunities. For the bride and groom who seek to capture the beauty of their wedding photographically, Santorini offers a timeless, yet sophisticated back drop, that screams out Class and Style!

 Santorini Wedding accommodation

So when you combine the perfect climate with such a staggering location, you can understand why theGreeks designated this island to the role of hosting love, romance and of course weddings. All of this responsibility has inevitably resulted is a number of gorgeous wedding venues that come in the form of Hotels and Villas. Most take full advantage of their surroundings and do not stray far from the unique, authentic decor synonymous to the Greek Islands, in particularly Santorini.

Canaves Oia Suites Santorini



Accommodation is luxurious yet elegant. Eye-catching furnishings and views to die for, create soul cleansing residences that will ease you into the spirit of romance, gently and willingly.

 Sounds perfect doesn’t it!

Well it is, but before you get too carried away, you need to be aware of some important facts.

Santorini is not Bali, nor is it Thailand or Fiji.


Unlike the aforementioned popular Wedding Destinations, Santorini is very small indeed. Which brings me neatly back to my earlier comments about the summer season stretching between May to September. There is a small Window of around five months and only so many times, dates and spaces to get married.

Dates book out fast and the sad reality for many brides is the disappointment of missing that window of opportunity.

 It is highly recommended to book at least 2 years in advance and lock in the services you desire, as early as you can. To put things into perspective, some couples are current booking for 2021. 

 Though small, services and wedding professionals may be spread from far afield and in the off-season, it is likely they are not even located on the island. During the winter months, Santorini goes to sleep and if you are trying to plan your wedding, responses can be frustratingly slow.

 For this reason alone, Santorini is by no means a DIY wedding location. Without years of experience and a dedicated team of Specialists and Venues working around the clock, the dream of a Santorini wedding can very easily fall flat on its face, before you even get started.

Get married in Santorini

But don’t let this put you off!

 Santorini is an astounding location for a wedding, arguably the most photogenic of them all. It is accessible via Athens by boat or plane, and connected by several European Airports too.

 What is of vital importance is choosing the right team of experts to coordinate your event and giving yourself plenty of time in advance to secure exactly what you want. To deviate from these simple directions will undoubtedly result in compromises or even going without critical aspects of your wedding.

With so much to offer, don’t miss the opportunity to marry in style and book your Santorini Wedding, in advance, with a professional.

If you have any more questions about getting married in Greece, why not drop us line and speak with one of our Greek Wedding Specialists. Contact Us






Troy Woods:

Thanks for your on-the-ground insight Daniel.

We too have certainly seen a shift towards Koh Samui, which as you say, is in part due to the increase in Phuket Wedding prices and the Beach Wedding restrictions. There are of course some exceptions and affordable options with Beach access do exist in Phuket, such as the stunning Cape Panwa Resort, on the southern tip of the island.
To explore these options, Brides are always welcome to discuss Phuket or Samui weddings with one of our planners.
Websites such as yours Daniel also offer an invaluable perspective into Thailand Wedding Photography that is certain to promote a keen interest for this gorgeous destination, while inspiring couples already decided upon Thailand to get creative with their event.
Thanks again Daniel and we look forward to seeing more of your stunning work in the future.

Daniel Baci:

Great read!, I knew that the weather was better but didnt know why.. And yes Samui is my winner all around better!.. It the past 10+ years Thailand has been a huge growing market for destination wedding!, Phuket and Koh Samui in particular... Phuket's market being the bigger of the islands with the most venues, suppliers, the best photographer & videographers to choose from. However in the past few years weddings have decreased in Phuket and increased in Koh Samui and a few other Islands. Because Phuket banded its beach weddings and all private beaches are no longer private, huge crowds surrounding the wedding celebrations, oh and not to mention the prices for everything have gone up 30% or more, many people have moved over to Koh Samui to have their wedding, Samui has always been popular for weddings but in general they were smaller more simple weddings. Koh Samui with the growth of the market has really stepped up in quality and it has some of the most stunning wedding venues and locations in the world!, its much more private with amazing sea view, beach front villas and resorts making it the new leader for destination wedding couples around the world!.. Check out my website for more info regarding weddings in Thailand as I am a photographer & videographer who has shot over 300 weddings here http://www.dbaciphotography...

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