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 Like it or not, weddings (yes, even Destination Weddings), are heavily influenced by fashion and the trends of the day. This of course can present certain challenges to brides planning their wedding 12 to 36 Months in advance.

It is not inconceivable that what’s in vogue today, might be way out of sorts on your big day. 

While there is an almost endless sea of Fashion Blogs and Wedding Websites, it's important to bare in mind that you are about to tie the knot, far far from home. Things at your Wedding Destination might be very different and for a lot of brides, it is that freedom of starting with a blank canvas, that prompts the desire for a Destination Wedding in the first place.  

To a certain extent, a Destinations Wedding allows brides to make up the rules as they go along (within reason). Modern fashion can often be implemented in more unconventional ways due to the absence of tradition and pressure to conform with typical Australian Wedding codes. This frees the Destination Bride to collect lots of ideas, piece them together and make them her own. With a little help from the experts!

But don't get too carried away. Just because getting married abroad offers way more freedom than at home, some stuff just ain't cool!


Overnight Frumpiness


A perfect example of Wedding “Cool”, turned Wedding “Frumpy” are chair covers. Wedding Chair Covers

 Rewind just 5 years and both Ceremony and Reception demanded those nasty white covers be placed on every chair, without exception and often with a bow or ribbon to finish things off.

“Yuk” you might say, but not so long ago, we all loved these things!

 Fortunately, covers can be removed from chairs, so this is an easy fix providing you have decent  chairs under the covers.Cool Wedding Chairs




Today the Tiffany Style Chairs are very popular and don’t look to be going out of style any time soon. That said, the smart bride always has a plan B, so it is definitely worth scanning the fashion blogs and websites for other cool seating ideas and discussing them with your planner.

Stylish Wedding Chairs

On the Cutting Edge of Wedding seating technology at the present moment are Brentwood Chairs, Ghost and Transparent Chairs, which are sure to evict the poor old Tiffany's from the Cool Skool eventually.

Your Wedding planner should be able to find out what is available at your chosen location and some instances, influence the local suppliers to update chairs and décor accordingly.

  Which leads me neatly on to the topic of Décor.

How is a bride supposed to keep up with the ever changing decoration fashions?

Cool Wedding Gazebeo


Well fortunately, you are not alone. Any Destination Wedding Planner worth their salt, probably plays a key role in the styling of their weddings, so it is the planners business to know what the future holds. A busy Destination Wedding Planner is likely to be managing a Wedding per week, if not more and the feedback from each wedding is invaluable in predicting what works now and what comes next.
Local decorators and Planners are in constant communication and as mentioned, Destination Wedding Planners hold much influence in local supplier’s choice of décor.


***Trade Secret Alert***

Strictly between you an I, a favourite subject of office gossip for Destination Wedding Coordinators, is Wedding Fashion. Countless hours of seemingly endless chit chat are dedicated to dissecting past, present and future weddings. The upside of all this Jabber-Waffing, is of course a pretty subjective understanding of what works in the here and now, which your Wedding Planner is always more than eager to share with you.



 Destination Wedding Apparel 
  Destination Wedding Shoes

 Wedding Dresses, Bridesmaid dresses, Groom and Groomsmen’s wear can be very different in Destination Wedding land. Factors such as heat, beach settings, even local traditions could play an important role in deciding what to wear. The trick is to implement current fashion with the practicality necessary for your wedding environment.

Good news for brides is that most major Dress Designers are now creating specific lines, just for the Destination Wedding market. Thank goodness!

Also worth baring in mind is that a long, sweeping vale may work for a Chapel, Lawn or Cliffside Ceremony, but could prove awkward on the Beach.
By the same token, fashionable shoes might not be ideal for the Beach, so barefoot or chic pair of sandals might be just the ticket.



Checking out websites like ‘Style me Pretty’ and ‘Hello May’ will offer great sources of inspiration. Take notes, get photos and share your findings with your Wedding Planner. She will be able to put the pieces together and steer you in the right direction, ensuring your Wedding Day is as modern and Vogue, as you want it to be.


Troy Woods:

Thanks for your on-the-ground insight Daniel.

We too have certainly seen a shift towards Koh Samui, which as you say, is in part due to the increase in Phuket Wedding prices and the Beach Wedding restrictions. There are of course some exceptions and affordable options with Beach access do exist in Phuket, such as the stunning Cape Panwa Resort, on the southern tip of the island.
To explore these options, Brides are always welcome to discuss Phuket or Samui weddings with one of our planners.
Websites such as yours Daniel also offer an invaluable perspective into Thailand Wedding Photography that is certain to promote a keen interest for this gorgeous destination, while inspiring couples already decided upon Thailand to get creative with their event.
Thanks again Daniel and we look forward to seeing more of your stunning work in the future.

Daniel Baci:

Great read!, I knew that the weather was better but didnt know why.. And yes Samui is my winner all around better!.. It the past 10+ years Thailand has been a huge growing market for destination wedding!, Phuket and Koh Samui in particular... Phuket's market being the bigger of the islands with the most venues, suppliers, the best photographer & videographers to choose from. However in the past few years weddings have decreased in Phuket and increased in Koh Samui and a few other Islands. Because Phuket banded its beach weddings and all private beaches are no longer private, huge crowds surrounding the wedding celebrations, oh and not to mention the prices for everything have gone up 30% or more, many people have moved over to Koh Samui to have their wedding, Samui has always been popular for weddings but in general they were smaller more simple weddings. Koh Samui with the growth of the market has really stepped up in quality and it has some of the most stunning wedding venues and locations in the world!, its much more private with amazing sea view, beach front villas and resorts making it the new leader for destination wedding couples around the world!.. Check out my website for more info regarding weddings in Thailand as I am a photographer & videographer who has shot over 300 weddings here http://www.dbaciphotography...

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