Indian Wedding in Phuket Part 3

My plan was to come back to my hotel room after each of the main events during this wedding event and put up a blog post. But clearly that didn’t happen as I am writing this back at Wedding Destinations HQ in freezing cold Melbourne.

Well where do I start. The entire event was a huge success! I will break down the 4 major events for you:

Day 1 – Sangeet.

The Sangeet is a basically a big welcome party and was held at the Luna Bar at Centara Grand Beach Resort. It was the perfect venue as it has a raised section which we converted into a stage and then an outdoor area for guests to mingle. We had a design team come in and decorate the venue in the theme “Burst of Colour” which was chosen by our Bride Kashmin. Our MC/DJ arrived from Malaysia and the event began. An Indian buffet was prepared by the in-house Indian chef at Centara who did a great job. Many guests asked me if the food was out-sourced as it was so authentic Indian – good job Centara! What was really interesting and fun was that the event had many performances, from traditional dancers to skits performed by the boys and the girls family. There was a Dhol drummer who kept the party going and the group danced well into the early hours of the morning.

Day 2 - Henna & Oil Ceremony.

This was also held at the Luna Bar which meant that once the Sangeet was over the design team were there and worked through the night to change the entire decoration of the day into a beautiful space where the bride & groom will have their oil ceremony and the bride and all the girls will have their Henna. This was one of my favorite days, although it was a big day for me with lots of things needing to be arranged for the different rituals that were taking place it was so beautiful to watch and be a part of. The Henna artist was flown in from Malaysia and spent 5 hours on Kashmin’s henna. The end result was pretty incredible. The entire time the photo & video team were there capturing the event. A light Indian style lunch was supplied and the family and friends all sat around chatting and spending time with each other. I got to meet some of the many guests from both Australia or Malaysia who were all loving their time in Phuket.

Day 3 – Part One. Wedding Ceremony
The Big day arrives with the alarm going off at 4.30am and jumping into a tuk tuk to head over to the Centara Grand to meet Kashmin’s Hair and make up artist who arrived at 5.30am. This was the part that I was most concerned about as we needed to transport 150 guests to the Sikh Temple in Phuket in minibuses. As there were many rituals happening this day we had a tight schedule of who needs to be on what bus and which family has to arrive before the other family. For this we had a team at the temple, one with the groom, one with the bride and one shuffling all the guests into minibuses. I’m pleased to say we did it with no issues – phew! What an honour to sit with Kashmin in the morning and watch her put on her incredible outfit and jewelry. The time & effort she had spent in finding these beautiful pieces, including a trip to India, paid off as she looked stunning. I travelled with them to the temple while they chatted about their time in Phuket and Kashmin explained some further traditions that were about to happen. The ceremony at the temple was a highlight and after the ceremony a traditional lunch was served. Then back to Centara Grand for the guests to relax, Kashmin & Navin to have a photo shoot and for me to get to the ballroom and make sure that every detail was perfection for tonight’s grand finale!

Day 3 - Part Two: Wedding Reception.
Hours and Hours of preparation had gone into planning this event and we had spent the afternoon going over and over table settings, checking every place setting and sound and lighting to ensure that everything was prefection. The location was the Grand Ballrooom at the Centara Grand and it was perfect. The theme was the colour of love and we had crystals & red roses everywhere. The foyer was decorated in glittery fabric with a huge impressive centerpiece of flowers. A photo booth with props was set up and a photographer was there to welcome guests and capture every moment. Once everyone was seated the couple made a grand entrance following the MC playing the Dhol. The couple had a logo for the event and this was shone down on the dance floor and a huge stage was set up with an incredible backdrop of chandeliers and crystals. Bollywood performers where flown in for 3 performances and Kashmin’s sister had created a skit with all the family members about the story of the bride and groom. Everyone made speeches and the sister and bride both sang. The highlight would have to have been the Same Day Edit video that was played by the Videography team who had captured the last three days including interviews from guests to the couple. It was truly magical and if you could only bottle the love that was in the room that night.

The guests were constantly grabbing me to tell me how fantastic there time has been in Phuket and I was continually hearing that this was the best wedding they have attended. I could not have asked for more.

Kashmin & Navin will always hold a special place in the life our business. Trusting in us to create their dream wedding without ever having worked an Indian wedding before was an honour and we will be forever thankful to them.

We had so much fun and are now on the hunt to book our next big Indian wedding in Phuket.


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