Indian Wedding in Phuket - Part 1

Deciding to tackle the world of Indian Weddings


Back in December we received a call from the mother of a bride asking if we can help them arrange her daughter’s Indian wedding in Phuket.  The couple were based out of Perth and we had had been receiving quite a few enquires from Indian couples who live in Australia looking at having a destination wedding in either Thailand or Fiji.  We had been discussing in the office if this is an area we should look at growing.  We had never done an Indian wedding before but we knew it was an amazing splash of  colour, spread over three days with lots of rituals, ceremonies and plenty of dancing!  When I spoke with the mother of the bride she explained to me how they had been trying to arrange this over the last two months and were not having much luck.  I was very open with them and explained that although we have planned 100’s of wedding events in Phuket, we had never planned an Indian wedding.  However, I explained what I did have was great connections on the ground in Phuket and 11 years of wedding event planning experience. 


A wedding is a wedding right?  How much different could it be, I thought.  I contemplated what to do, I love the idea of being able to diversify ourselves and offer our amazing service to more styles of weddings.  I feel like we have our western weddings down pat and I’m always up for a challenge.  So I started doing some research and chatting to our ground operators and was amazed to find out just how huge the Indian wedding market in Thailand is.  They have it all there, from Henna Artists to Indian DJ’s playing the latest Bollywood.  And if it’s not there it can be flown in from Bangkok or Kuala Lumper offering the couples a large range of choice.  With that knowledge at hand I was confident that I could jump in, head first, and start planning our biggest wedding yet! 


The Planning:

With only 6 months to plan this wedding we spent a good month researching venues, finding out what each venues rules and regulations were, almost all venues in Phuket (well the larger one’s anyway) have hosted many Indian weddings.   The couple decided on the Centara Grand Beach Resort a their wedding venue, for many reasons but one is that they wanted a venue that had some options for their events. As the events run for 3 days they didn’t want them all to just e in the ballroom, the Centara has an amazing bar by the beach called the Luna Bar which is big enough to accommodate 160 guests for the welcome party.


My couple, Kashmin & Navin’s heritage is from Malaysia so they have much family still there.  This worked as a great advantage as they were able to organize their entertainers (DJ, Dancers etc) and Henna Artists to fly over.  Being the same distance from Melbourne to Sydney it is easy for the suppliers, like the Henna Artists to just fly in for the day.  And surprisingly much cheaper than the ones available in Phuket – more great contacts for me to add to my books – TICK!


Hair and Make up was booked by one of our local operators in Phuket and our photography and videography was booked with one of our contacts in Bangkok.  Their photography & Videography is including Drones.   The Centara Grand

Resort goes back up onto a hill which will make amazing footage with the Drones!


The wedding will take place at the Sikh Temple in Phuket and I have the task of arranging transportation for all 160 guests and family.  Lucky I have a great team in Phuket to work with me on this.


The hardest part so far for me has been getting an understanding of the ceremonies that will take place throughout the event, especially on the wedding day.  I have spent some time researching these and I have been fortunate that Kashmin is very patient and will spend time explaining in detail what the ceremony is and what it means.  This has allowed me to understand the importance of each ritual and paint a clear picture in my head of the timeline so I understand when things need to happen and why. 


So as I’m sitting in the back of a taxi on my way to the office writing this blog, with 2 weeks to go before I leave for Phuket, I feel so glad that I took on this challenge and so honoured that this family has trusted us with this most amazing event.  I’m ready for the next 2 weeks, I’ve prepared myself in advance to ensure I am as organized as I can be and I know the next 2 weeks are going to be intense with finalizing the last minute details but I honestly can not wait to be in Phuket to see this come to life.


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