Including your honeymoon in with your wedding

Less travel and money saving

One of the major benefits of a destination wedding is that you don't have to travel too far for your honeymoon. Depending on your choice of destination you can get married at a particular location and then stay on for a further period of honeymoon time, or you can get married in one location and then move elsewhere for your honeymoon. This works well in places like the Caribbean or the Maldives, where you can easily island hop for a change of scenery. One of the major expenses of any far flung honeymoon is the airfare, and since you've already spent it on travelling to your wedding destination, it kind of makes sense to stay on for your honeymoon. Not only does this in effect save you money, but also makes for a memorable honeymoon.

How to choose a destination for your wedding/honeymoon combo

Choosing a destination to suit both your wedding and honeymoon is easily done using the services of a destination wedding planner. They know their destinations inside out and have useful contacts on the ground who they can often contact to tailor make arrangements suited specifically to you. Other popular options include getting married and honeymooning abroad a cruise ship. By choosing the same destination for both events there is far less planning and travelling to do and if you use a wedding planner to handle the majority of the planning, your wedding day and honeymoon will be a relaxing and unforgettable trip.

What do you do with your guests?

Should you have bought along several guests on a cruise ship wedding and honeymoon, then there are plenty of activities and short excursions that they can take part in, but it may be a little difficult for you to find some privacy. At most other destinations you can plan some activities for your guests to enjoy before and after the wedding and if they are staying on for a few days, they'll probably be only too happy to make their own arrangements and go out and explore.

Including your honeymoon in with your wedding

Planning a destination wedding and honeymoon

Planning one destination for both events is much easier than planning each one separately. Quite often you want to look at deciding the honeymoon destination first. Many all inclusive resorts and other honeymoon venues, offer the option of a wedding ceremony as an add on to a basic honeymoon package. Many resorts even offer a so called “free” wedding when you book a honeymoon, but be aware that this doesn't cover the legal fees of getting married at your destination.

Maximising your costs<?h3>

If you're flying to an exotic destination for your wedding/honeymoon then be sure to ask for discounts for your family and guests. Your wedding planner should be able to help you get the cheapest air fares for everyone involved. Better still, use the services of your wedding planner to get you the best prices for accommodation and any trips or events that you are planning for you and your guests. Most hotels are more than willing to offer group discounts for several rooms booked since they know they will make their money elsewhere.

Confident in the knowledge that your wedding planner is handling most of the arrangements and discounts wherever possible, you can get on with focusing on the important task of getting married and picking your dress.


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