How to transport your wedding attire

Whether you're travelling half way around the world or just into another territory or state, making sure your bridal gown arrives safely is probably one of the most important factors for any bride. Destination weddings are growing in popularity and the safe transport of the wedding attire is a definite priority.

Most brides don't relish the idea of having their gown out of sight for even a day and for most, shipping is simply not an option. Here are a few tips to make sure your wedding dress arrives safely:

Pack or Carry

For wedding destinations which require air travel then either pack your dress into a carry on bag or hang it in a garment carrier and hope that a flight attendant will be kind enough to find somewhere safe to hang it. We would recommend that you pack layers of tissue paper in between your dress to keep wrinkles at bay, and then fold it carefully in half or thirds and place into a secure bag which fits into the overhead lockers.


Make sure that your wedding insurance covers your wedding attire and also check with your carrier to see if they have any provisos for its safety. Checking it into the hold is definitely a no go and we certainly wouldn't recommend you check in anything which is irreplaceable or indeed valuable.

Travel steamer

Many hotels offer a professional pressing service for your wedding dress, so make enquiries before you leave home. If you have a travel steamer then it might be an idea to pack it if you have room. Check first though that there is no water in there which could come out and leave a dirty stain on your gown. Alternatively, a good tip to get the wrinkles out of your dress upon arrival is to hang it in the bathroom of your hotel room and then turn the shower on full blast for plenty of hot water. Close the door and leave it to steam naturally. Shake the dress out a few times to aid this process.

Buy a separate plan ticket

Okay so this is a bit extreme, but buying a one way ticket just so your dress can enjoy its own private window seat will ensure your dress arrives in pristine condition and is a relatively small price to pay for peace of mind. One word of advice though, make sure you don't travel on your own as it is easy to get distracted, and you really could do with another pair of hands to help you.


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