How to get Bang for your Buck

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Within moments of having been popped the big question (and saying yes of course), you and your partner are likely to start weighing up your options, so far as your wedding goes.Destination Wedding Bride Fiji

When, where and how much to spend will feature high in the list of decisions you will need to make over the coming weeks, so getting the best possible result for you budget is critical to making your big day, the day you always dreamed of.

The common perception of a Destination Wedding is that it is “cheaper”, a word we prefer not to use. Yes, getting married overseas can cost less than a domestic wedding, but for so many brides, that is not why they chose to tie the knot outside of Australia or New Zealand.

The fact of the matter is, a Destination Wedding does not necessarily make it a budget wedding. Whatever you decide you want to spend on your wedding, you can be assured that the overall quality and wow factor will exceed anything you can do at home.

So how do you get the most for your dollar?

Destination can play a significant role in what you can get for your money, so if dazzling your guests with the wedding of all weddings (without breaking the bank) is your aim, choosing the right location is paramount.

For out and out quality for the dollar, it’s hard to beat Thailand. With Weddings in Phuket often at the higher end of the price range, Destination Wedding in other regions of Thailand often provide superior levels of quality that fall within a far more affordable price bracket.

Besides Thailand, a close second when it comes to value is Santorini in Greece. Absolutely stunning weddings are unavoidable in Santorini and prices are more affordable than you might imagine.

Fiji Beach Wedding Reception


Bali, Fiji, Mauritius and the Pacific Islands of course play host to some incredibly beautiful weddings and also offer wow factor unchallenged by most domestic weddings.

Besides choosing the ideal wedding location, the other factor that will contribute most significantly in getting the most out of your budget, is your wedding planner.

Local knowledge, combined with tried and tested providers, can literally save you a fortune and the experience that a planner offers will streamline your event and avoid the wastage associated with not knowing the landscape.

It’s so easy to get carried away with the arrangements and more often than not, inexperienced brides end up ploughing money into unnecessary décor or paying over the top prices for less than honest service providers.

As you begin to plan your wedding, employing the services of a Destination Wedding Planner may appear as an expense. However as you move forward with your plans, most couples will quickly see the value an experience planner can bring to the table as well as their local contact base.

Wherever you decide is the perfect location for you, the best and only way to ensure getting the best out of your budget, is with a professional planner who knows the terrain.

Speak with one of our team and learn about how we can streamline you costs, while delivering that wow wedding you deserve.




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