How do I Plan a wedding in Phuket

How do I Plan a wedding in Phuket?

 How do I plan a wedding in Phuket is probably one of the most common questions directed towards us.

With Phuket and Koh Samui hot on the lips of so many brides, planning any style wedding Thailand is almost as bigger question as… well the big questioned you just said yes to.

Find a Phuket Wedding Planner

 So if you have found this article, chances are you have already started to compile a list of possible venues and locations in Phuket to get married. Getting a feel for what you want, even what you expect from your wedding venue is a great start, but as you will quickly discover, piecing together entire event, can quickly escalate into chaos and confusion.

But don’t panic!

In short this is why Destination Wedding planners like ourselves exist and why almost 15 years of planning weddings in Phuket, cuts through the smog to reveal a clear path to the best day of your life. 

Dissecting a Wedding in Phuket

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Sifting through various social media and Google will provide untold inspiration, but homing in on what is right for you, while getting an idea of budget, is near impossible. Budget aside though, it is always good to have some ideas and even better to have alternatives in mind. Be aware, there are almost limitless options available when it comes to marrying in Phuket, so even if it seems far-fetched, jot those ideas down anyway.

 As you are weighing up the pros and cons of a beach wedding vs a lawn or cliffside ceremony, other questions suddenly manifest themselves.

Who supplies the flowers, how do I choose a photographer, will the cake melt in the heat? WHOSE GOING TO COME TO A WEDDING IN PHUKET?

When this matrix of options and ideas unravels before your eyes, the magnitude of what you are considering can quiet easily send you running for cover. After all, trying to coordinate a wedding via a multitude of complete strangers, thousands of kilometres away on a tropical island, who may or may not speak English very well, is tantamount to insanity. Isn’t it?

The Big Picture

 When reality sets in, organising a Phuket Wedding without an exceptional knowledge of the terrain seems like massive undertaking. And let’s be honest. It is!

 But does this monumental task have to be a burden though? Absolutely not!

 Instead of spending a fortune on calls to Thailand and the frustration awaiting email responses in broken English, there is a better way.

 Using a professional Phuket Wedding Planner, frees you up to do the dreaming, while we take care of the reality.

Your Thailand Wedding Planner is there to interpret your ideas. Based here in Australia, your personal Phuket Wedding specialist has every kind of professional at her disposal, many based in Phuket or closed by. Having worked together in some cases for more than 12 years, there is very little our team has not seen or done when it comes to planning weddings in Phuket. Together we have streamlined costs to ensure Phuket wedding packages offer unbeatable value for money.

 how to marry in phuket

Marring in Phuket made simple

 Understanding the difficulties faced by any bride attempting to plan a wedding in Thailand, ultimately reaches only one conclusion. Let the experts do what they do best.

Planning your Wedding in Phuket should be one the most enjoyable experiences of your life. It should not be stressful and you should have an open book on ideas and options to create your perfect wedding.

 Whether you have done some research and have your own ideas or you are looking for that inspiration before deciding on Phuket as a Wedding Destination, touch base with one of our Thailand Wedding Specialists. You will be amazed at how quickly your dream is put into perspective and just how easy getting married in Phuket can be.


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