Honeymooning in Style

Figuring out how to plan a Destination Wedding is no easy task and for many brides the line between Wedding and Honeymoon, can become hard to differentiate.

But does the event of getting married overseas have to be Wedding and Honeymoon all in one?

Absolutely not!

One of the many advantages of a Destination Wedding are that you are already away from home. From the location at which you choose for your wedding day, the options for your Honeymoon can very interesting indeed.

What to do after a Destination Wedding

So in the presence of your friends and family, beneath a tropical sun, Cliffside or on the Beach, you have finally taken your vows. You are now man and wife, let the celebrations begin…

Once the reception and subsequent party are over, you will probably want some time alone. So it is not uncommon for the couple to retire, somewhere a little bit private and a little bit special. Some choose a Villa, others may opt to upgrade to a Luxury / Honeymoon suit.

The decision to upgrade to a larger room or villa can also bring more advantages than just a romantic getaway after the wedding. Increasingly, couples are choosing to hold a Post Wedding get-together, a lunch perhaps. A Villa or Suit can be the perfect spot for such an event and could save you the cost and the headache of securing another venue.

Absolute Luxury

A great example of a venue where a Honeymoon upgrade is made simple but effective is at the ever-popular Cape Panwa Resort in Phuket, Thailand. For hidden amongst the almost endless Wedding and Reception options on offer at Cape Panwa, also exists an exclusive, Luxury Suit, at a level usually enjoyed by the likes of Movie Stars and Royalty.

The Absolute Suit at the Cape Panwa Hotel simply has to be seen, to be believed. 

Luxury Honeymoon Suit

Situated across two floors, the Suit exudes style and sophistication. Besides being the perfect retreat after the reception, its large Private Pool area is the ideal location for the post wedding party. You could opt to cook your own BBQ or just get your Butler to whip something up for you and your guests.

The team at Wedding Destinations are able to offer exclusive wedding packages, which include a couple a nights in the amazing Absolute Suit, so speak to your planner about this extra special touch, to end your wedding in style.

 In the situation where a Villa is being utilised for your Ceremony and Reception, it is pretty common for the Bride and Groom remain at the villa after wedding. In many cases, the Villa can be reused the next day, for that bonus recovery brunch or party. In most properties, you will be able to self cater, meaning the after-party might not have to be expensive at all, but still serve as a welcome add-on to be enjoyed by all.

Again, speak to your Destination Wedding Planner to find out how to implement this easily and cost effectively.


When all is said and done

So the celebrations are over and many of your guests are beginning to make their way home. Having just dazzled them with the wedding of all weddings, you are by now ready for a little quite time and chance to enjoy the intimacy that Newly-Weds rightfully deserve.

Popular Destination Wedding locations such as Thailand, Greece or Bali are a great starting point for your first adventure as man and wife.

A Wedding in Santorini Greece

After getting married in Santorini, Greece is likely to be your gateway to a Honeymoon in Europe, where the possibilities really are endless. Island hopping across the Aegean Sea or the Mediterranean is within easy reach, while a short flight to Athens International Airport "Eleftherios Venizelos" opens the door to Britain, Holland, Germany, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy and too many to mention.

Bali Romantic Hideaways

While Bali does have an International Airport, often couples will need to connect through a more major hub such as Jakarta for flights most other international destinations. In the Case of both Thailand and Bali though, it is most common for couples to simply whisk themselves away to a quiet island, not too far from where they tied the knot. The gorgeous island of Nusa Lembongan, just a 20 minute boat ride from Bali is just one example of this and Indonesia boasts my other island getaways, well worth investigation.

Thailand's Secret Romance

Thailand is of course the location of several International Airports including a major Hub at Bangkok. Unbeknown to many travellers, direct flights are available even from Phuket, Krabi or Koh Samui to countries such as India, Malaysia, Frankfurt, Doha, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and even Moscow, making Thailand an awesome location to commence your adventure.

Much like Indonesia, Thailand too has lots of romantic hideaways, both on the mainland and in Island form. The more adventurous may wish to explore the north of Thailand, while the romantic are sure to find the solitude they desire on Islands such as Koh Yao Noi, conveniently situated only a 30 minute boat ride from Phuket or Krabi.

Cape Kudu Hotel


Venues like the Cape Kudu Hotel offer a romantic retreat where couples really can get to enjoy one and others company, with little to no interruption and peaceful surroundings. Again, in many cases your Wedding Destinations Planner will be able to negotiate a Wedding, Reception and Honeymoon package, incorporating any of the add-ons we have just talked about.

Our planners have a number of packages that are hot to trot or that can be tailored to suit your needs and budget. To discuss post wedding celebrations and Honeymoon ideas or package deals, please feel free to speak with one of our Destination Wedding Specialists.


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