Had you thought about Mexico for your honeymoon or wedding?

It's Sharne here, I have just returned from a big trip away to South America; visiting Colombia, Mexico and a bit of California in America I would really love to share my experience from Mexico as this is truly a beautiful place for a destination wedding.

I do also think that when thinking about a destination wedding depending on your travel plans it is worth travelling and exploring some different countries or surrounding areas to your location which is what I would love to be able to share to you.

Mexico; wow! It is truly such a great place but such a large country to visit unfortunately I was unable to go all over the country, but able to still experience the culture and lifestyle. The East coast of Mexico is very popular for weddings and a tourist attraction for people all over the world. Mexico does have many visitors from America, especially Texas (it is only about 1.5 hour flight for them) so you will see how Mexico is highly influenced by America’s ways.

I first flew into Cancun; it is one of the main airports in Mexico. From Cancun airport is it only about a 20 minute drive from to the hotel zone which is where you will find all the big resorts, the beach, the restaurants, nightclubs and the shopping. During the day and the night you will always find something going on along the streets; it is only the one main street that you follow so you can’t get lost and you will be bound to find something to do or see.

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The nightlife! The streets are crazy at night with everyone out and about (it is safe). There are a few nightclubs with open frontage; so you could basically if you wanted to stand along the footpath and watch everyone dancing inside. Coco Bongos – it is the biggest club in Cancun (you will also find one in Playa Del Carmen, only a little bit smaller, just a small 500 people). Cancun’s club holds up to 2000 people. People of all ages go there but it is marketed at those that do want a bit of a party and music; if you don’t think you would enjoy being on the floor dancing with some of the younger ones you can book a booth or table and this allocates you an area for the night to enjoy the show which is how the club makes it more appealing to some of the older guests. The ‘show’ that they perform throughout the night is a re-enactment of famous entertainers, singers etc and then music playing in between the sets. You will need to book in advance but don’t you worry you will either be stopped as you walk down the strip or find a sales booth.

Such beautiful hidden wonders! Only 1 hour from Playa Del Carmen is the place for the Cenotes; underwater caves. I would highly recommend you to do this when you are in either Cancun or Playa Del Carmen. The tours can be booked from either your hotel or in the main strip by tour companies (can’t be missed). The water is so fresh, clear and blue! You swim in groups through the caves and see some little fish and stalactites. I would recommend wearing a wetsuit and bringing a torch (can be hired).

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Why not also see the ruins, there are many, the most popular one to see is the Chichen Itza – about 2.5 hours from Playa Del Carmen also but inland heading towards Merida; another main city that tourists often visit when travelling through Mexico. This would be a full day tour due to the travel, but worth a visit.

The food; the food in the resorts are delicious and most resorts will have a variety of restaurants with different of cuisine to choose from. If you decide to get out and try the local Mexican food I say to try and walk off the main street or even around the corner, you will find them easily in Playa Del Carmen. The food at these restaurants are cheap and so yum! You can get tacos for $1 – Bargain! Best way to know if they are the cheap local restaurants they have the plastic chairs.  

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How will I get by without knowing Spanish you ask? As mentioned Mexico is highly influenced by America and in the resorts I would find it hard to find someone that works that that doesn’t speak English so you shouldn’t have any problem within the resort. Otherwise if you do get out at some of the restaurants and shops etc they either may ask you “English or Spanish” and you easily answer English and off you go.

A basic vocabulary is good to learn or know to get by and fit in well with the culture and locals; you are in there country so I believe good to know some of the basics.

  • Hi/Hello – Hola
  • How are you - Como Estas?
  • Good, thank you - Bien, Gracias
  • Thank you – Gracias
  • Goodbye – Adios
  • Can you speak English? – Hablas Engles
  • Yes – Si (say ‘see’)
  • No – No
  • Please – Por favor (say ‘pour far-vor’)
  • One more – Una mas (say ‘oo-na mus’)

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I have travelled to many countries, a lot of them within the last maybe 4 years and I can truly say that Mexico is a lovely country and I feel would be enjoyed by many ages of people as there is many things to do to cater for everyone. For Australian’s it is not a country that would normally be visited by many due to the distance from home so why not take the time and enjoy yourself whilst you are there.

Mexican resorts all tend to be all-inclusive – FANTASTIC! And they all do such amazing weddings in all aspects and nothing is too great or small for them. It is not like a small third world country where access to supplies is limited; so dream big and we will create!

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