Favor ideas for your guests

Although it's your special day it goes without saying that you want your guests to have a ball too. Giving wedding favors is a popular way of thanking your guests for coming and, in the case of a destination wedding, for making such a big commitment too. You may be struggling with ideas for what to give them, especially since Jordan almonds seem a little old hat. However, there are some unique and thoughtful favors you can present to your guests to show them how much you appreciate them sharing your special day.

Here's a few ideas to help you:

Favor ideas for your guests - food


Food is always a great idea for wedding favors since you know that guests won't leave it behind. If you're holding a beach wedding then you could give them some chocolates in the shape of sea shells or if there's a specific food or drink that's associated with the region, then how about giving that to your guests. It could be something like a special bottle of olive oil or local wine, or extra special biscuits or small cakes.

Exotic lotions and potions

How about buying your guests a small basket of exotic lotions and potions bought from one of the local spas. Everyone likes to feel pampered and there's something quite exciting about those mini jars of creams and sprays which spas provide.

Wraps for the ladies

In place of wedding favors on the table, why not place a wicker basket at the ceremony or venue site with some handy wraps for the ladies to place around their shoulders should the air turn chilly once the sun has gone down.

Luggage tags or favor tins

How about cruise ship or airplane leather luggage tags. You can slip a label inside expressing your thanks for the guests attending your wedding, and it's a gift they can use time and time again. Another nice idea is little tins in the shape of suitcases which can be personalised on the outside and then filled with a small, tasty treat of your choice.

Favor ideas for your guests

Gift voucher to use at the destinations

If you're based at a destination with plenty of luxurious and relaxing spas, then how about buying a gift voucher for a treatment. Guests could book the treatment of their choice and enjoy it before they leave to go home.

One last thing to bear in mind when planning your favors, especially if you are planning to take them with you, is making sure they aren't heavy, since your guests will have to pack and bring them back in their suitcases. Also, think about temperatures. Chocolates and candles may melt. An alternative idea could be to send the favors direct to their homes, so they have a nice treat when they return home, which they certainly won't be expecting.


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