Destination weddng invitation ideas

Since the invitation is likely to be one of the first things a guest sees relating to your wedding, make it memorable as well as informative. Whilst traditional wedding invitations usually feature square white card and black italic writing, you can really have some fun with destination wedding invitations and think outside of the box. Make your design innovative, colourful and captivating, and it's bound to send your guests packing.

Here's a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

Destination weddng invitation ideas

Passports and boarding pass invitations

Passport and boarding pass invitations are a popular trend amongst destination brides and are a fantastic idea because so much information can be included on the various pages. For example you could include some information on the destination, an itinerary which you have planned for one of the days before the wedding, accommodation suggestions and much more.

Beach wedding invitations

You can easily find online sites for beach or tropical wedding designs which can be customised and sent out to your guests, or why not be creative and make your own invitations.. Because you are travelling overseas to your wedding, you've probably only got a handful of family and friends coming. A handmade invitation would set the scene and show them how much their support means to you at what will be a small and intimate gathering. You can find all manner of paper and accessories in craft shops to make your own invitations or have fun and make something on your computer. For example, if your destination is Hawaii you could print your invitation on some delicate floral paper and take some lyrics from a Hawaiian love song. Have fun with textures and colours which represent your destination.

Message in a bottle

Again, if you look on line you can find companies which offer a “message in a bottle” pack which can include either a glass or a plastic bottle with a cord stop. Fill your bottles with a little sand, throw in some shells and star fish and then place your rolled up scroll containing your wedding invitation inside. If you have a friend who can write calligraphy then so much the better.

Magazine style invitations

Finally, how about sending out a personalised magazine style invitation which also makes a nice keepsake. You'll find several online companies offering this service and basically the front cover will feature a colour photo of the two of you whilst the inner pages will have a table of contents and information relating to your wedding. You can include photos of the two of you growing up and the story of how you both met (or anything you fancy including), as well as information on the destination, suggested places to stay and so forth. All printed on glossy magazine paper – fabulous!

Many people have never been to a destination wedding, so be sure to make your invitations ones that will excite and thrill them into accepting.


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