Planning a Destination Wedding Reception

The perfect Destination Wedding Reception

A warm reception

When you are planning a destination wedding, priorities often come in the form of logistics and the ceremony. But what about the Destination Wedding Reception?

 It’s true, so much detail goes into the seating arrangements, the flowers and guests travel, that the reception can get just a little bit neglected. But it really shouldn’t be this way. For the Wedding Reception is your chance to unwind and enjoy the company of friends and family, while having one or two laughs along the way.

A Destination Wedding reception come in many shapes and forms. Some brides will opt for a formal sit down dinner, where others choose Cocktails and canapés, followed by a buffet. What most receptions do have in common though, is music and entertainment for all to dance the night away.

Villa Wedding Reception

The art of party

Organising a wedding reception is no small task and doing it for an overseas wedding can be quite daunting for any bride. After all, there is a lot to consider.

Firstly there is the venue.
Question. Should you share the same venue for Ceremony and reception or split the two events apart?

In most Destination Wedding scenarios, we see couples utilize the same venue. With the right event specialists on hand, the transformation from Ceremony to party can be astounding.

Quite often, while you are getting your photos taken or signing the marriage certificate, your Event coordinators swoop in and get to work. Guests are usually distracted with Cocktails and Canapés and by the time they have indulge in the culinary delights, the transformation is complete. It really is that fast.

Using the same venue has other obvious advantages such as cost and no need for transport.

Secondly, you will need to decide how to feed your hungry guests. Most popular is the buffet. Put simply, trying to accommodate all of your guest tastes, allergies and children will drive you insane. Attempting to impose a predefined menu for a sit down dinner is sure to be met with resistance by some of your guests. Especially where unfamiliar foreign cuisine is on the menu.

Drinking and Dancing

 As with most weddings overseas, the celebrations go hand in hand with a selection of beverages. Negotiating a beverage package with the venue or caterers is usually the way to go and depending on the location, can be very cost effective. The cost of your beverage package will usually reflect your guest numbers. Set Beer, Wine and spirits are usually unlimited for a set amount of hours. Anywhere from 4 to 6 hours is most common.

 Inevitably, after dinner there will be the speeches, followed by the first dance. From that point onward, the party is in full swing, so it is critical that you choose the appropriate entertainment.

For couples that choose a Thailand Wedding, the choices are almost infinite. There is so much choice in fact, that many couples will have live music to start the evening, followed by a DJ as the night progresses. 

Regardless of where you are holding your wedding in Asia or the Pacific, local entertainment always makes for an impressive interlude. Fire-dancers, Fireworks, and Magicians are very affordable and add a unique twist to your already impressive event.

Decorations and the clean up.

Your Events team would have set up your reception shortly after you said “I Do”. As a cost saver, you could request the Ceremony flora to be re-arranged for your reception. This is a great cost cutting exercise and will also keep the theme consistent from start to finish. Ultimately your Destination wedding Planner will go through the flora and decorations in fine detail and relay this on to the event team on the ground.

But after the last dance has been danced, when you and your merry guests head back to your rooms, the big clean up begins. Again, the right events team will make quick work of this. Whether it is a Cliff top Santorini Wedding and reception or Thailand Wedding Villa, the clean up should happen soon after the music stops.

Again, professional Event coordinators make all of this happen quickly and without fuss. So much so, it will amaze you how quickly the venue returns to its bare normality.

It all just works

 There is no denying that planning a spectacular destination wedding reception takes a lot of know how and the services of real professionals. Attempting to coordinate the event without the right people on side is either very bold or outright reckless.

There is an important key to planning the flawless Destination Wedding Reception. It is simply to allow your Wedding planner to work with their own tried and tested specialists. Interfere with this at your own peril.

To take it one step further, Wedding Destinations are unique to Australia. This is because they already have their very own teams, across several locations. Whether you chose to marry in Santorini or choose a Beach Wedding in Thailand, we have the complete set of florists, photographers, caterers and entertainers, to keep things extremely simple for you. All you need to do is decide what you want. Then leave it to your planner who will coordinate with our local team to make it happen. And really, sky is the limit!

 With teams across the globe, your ceremony and reception is in the hands of professionals. Professionals both here in Australia and at your destination of choice.


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