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Wedding Insurance - why you really should say "I do"

Planning a wedding can mean an endless stream of sleepless nights as your brain refuses to let go of images of your photographer not turning up at the ceremony or of the caterer dropping the wedding cake. Or worse still, what if your heel got caught in the hem of your wedding gown and ripped the fabric to shreds. However, did you know you can lay many of these worries to rest by investing in wedding insurance.

Wedding Insurance – Why Bother?

Apart from the embarrassment, the lack of professional wedding photos and your guests not being able to tuck into a tasty slice of wedding cake, there's an awful lot of money at stake. With the average cost of an Australian wedding being upwards of $40,000 that's almost the cost of a 10 percent deposit on a city home or a brand spanking new Honda CRZ Sports Coupe, which if purchased, would still leave you with enough change to buy some sexy lingerie for your honeymoon.

Speaking of cars, it’s highly unlikely that you would drive off the garage forecourt without car insurance so why would you spend upwards of $40,000 on what is supposed to be the biggest day of your life, without wedding insurance to cover the cost of your wedding. This is more so especially if you have a lot of different components. The thing is that wedding insurance may indeed set you back a few hundred dollars, but it could save you thousands of dollars in the event of sudden illness, a bankrupt vendor, or the theft of your wedding presents. All of which are likely to have a profound effect on your special day.

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