Destination etiquette for the bride and groom

As any bride is only too aware, getting married can be an expensive affair, and in the case of a destination wedding it can have a large financial bearing on family and friends. When you choose a destination wedding the expenses for your attendants and guests can rise far more than for an at home wedding, and being thoughtful and sensitive to the financial obligations of your friends and family, will be much appreciated.

When planning your special event and attempting to balance on the financial tightrope, here's a few factors you may like to consider:

Before choosing your destination think about who you want at your wedding you will know the life circumstances surrounding the special people in your life who you dearly want to share your wedding day with, so you'll be only too aware of how your choice of destination could affect their being able to attend. You may have elderly relatives, friends struggling to make ends meet, and others with family commitments who simply can't afford the expense or the time to visit an exotic location. By being aware of this you may be able to change your local to fit in more of the people you want to share your day with, or on the flip side of this, you could choose a small intimate destination wedding followed by a reception party at home to celebrate your marriage.

Limit your pre wedding events

Instead of holding a party for your engagement followed by a hen and stag weekend, perhaps you could have one and not the other. This would mean your guests wouldn't have to purchase several gifts in addition to a wedding gift. Never invite guests to a pre wedding party of any type, if you're not planning on inviting them to the wedding, as this looks as if you're simply after receiving gifts.

Book group discounts at your hotel

Contact your choice of hotel, and ones nearby, to organise a discount on accommodation. Most hotels are only too willing to offer a group discount as they know they will make their money elsewhere.

Their presence is your present

Be sure to make it clear to family and friends attending your destination wedding that having them there is a gift in itself and that you rally don't want them to buy you a wedding present.

Offer meals whenever you can

You can help defray the costs of food for your guests by planning informal events such as barbecues and picnics which give your guests a chance to mingle and get better acquainted, or thank them for coming by footing the bill at a local restaurant.

Be consistent with expenses

If you offer to pay the airfare for one family member or friend, then really you need to do it for all. Word gets around and once your guests find out you paid for another member of the party to attend, they may feel a little miffed. You need to be fair to everyone and not to have your wedding day tainted by people grumbling all around you.

Destination weddings are joyful celebrations which can also double as mini holidays for your guests and family reunions. By considering the finances of everyone, all those that attend your wedding will remember it with many happy memories.


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