Choosing a Wedding Location with a Twist


With so many awesome wedding destinations across the globe, how does one even begin to choose a location to tie the knot?

 For many a bride and groom, there will be destinations previously travelled and of course it makes perfect sense to choose a destination you have been to and loved.

 But wait, what if you know the kind of destination you like to travel to, but then apply your wildest fantasy to it, all of a sudden destinations you may not have previously considered, can look very interesting indeed.

 A good start is to think about places you may have seen on TV or perhaps in the Movies, locations that spark your interest and Tropical Brideget your imagination all fired up.

Don’t worry if it is far fetched, as a dream wedding wouldn’t be a ‘Dream’ wedding if it is not just a little fantastical. Don’t worry if your place of interest is not a realistic option for a wedding either, it is the theme that counts and will come in to play when figuring out exactly where to get married.

 So, for instance you may have been to Bali. You love the food, you love the culture, geographically it is accessible to all of your guests, but ever since watching a David Attenborough documentary, you’ve always been fascinated Tropical Rain Forests and exotic Animals.


Well lets look at locations like Borneo in Malaysia or Krabi in Thailand. Both are within a reasonable distance of Australia and serviced by several airlines. Both are steeped in culture and the food is just fantastic. But these destinations also offer incredible Rain Forest experiences and a wedding can quite be incorporated into an utterly amazing Jungle backdrop.

For very good reason Fiji is arguably the most well considered destination for a wedding by Australian brides, but again, add a twist and see what happens.

Suddenly incredible locations like The Cook Islands, Mauritius and of course those staggeringly gorgeous islands of Vanuatu, just a stone throw from Fiji, barge their way into the equation.

 Whatever you are thinking, don’t be afraid to let your Destination Wedding Planner know. You could be very surprised at the alternatives your Wedding Destinations consultant can come up with.




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