How to choose the perfect destination wedding location

Feeling confused, overwhelmed? Don't know where to start? It's a huge decision for you and all your guests and you need to make sure you get it right. Well in our years of experienced we have found that actually deciding on your destination wedding location is the hardest decision you will have to make.  Not just the location but the wedding venue as well. Get this part right and the rest of your destination wedding experience will be smooth sailing.  Well it is if you are using one our destination wedding planners!

Where is the best weather for our destination wedding?

This is up there with the MOST important factor.  Who wants to get married in a tropical location in the middle of a cyclone rain with humidity so high that you sweat the minute you walk out of your air-conditioned hotel room.  

So here are some tips on choosing the right weather with the right location.

The Pacific Islands

For places like Vanuatu and Fiji, the cyclone season runs from November – March – typically!  But hey what’s typical about the weather patterns these days. 

With the exception of Hawaii – although it’s a little further than our local pacific islands, it is still an great option and the weather is pretty much perfect all year round!

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The beauty of Asia is that there are different weather patterns throughout.  For example when it’s raining in Phuket it’s perfect in Koh Samui.  This means that if you have a special date in mind, you will be able to find somewhere in Asia that will have great weather.

There are advantages of travelling in these low seasons.  Availability is much easier to get and the resorts tend to have great accommodation rates.  

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More on how to get the best rates for your guests in our next post!




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