Bridesmaids dresses for the beach

So you've got your bridal gown sorted, now all you need do is choose your bridesmaids dresses for your beach wedding. Sounds like it could be fun shopping with the girls and you can make it a bit of a bonding occasion. However, finding a style which fits and flatters different shapes can be quite challenging. Below are some tips to help you find dresses which make everyone feel special and which match your destination wedding.

Styles which flatter everyone

Believe it or not, there are several designs which suit almost any figure, and you're bound to be met with enthusiasm if you suggest any of the following:

  • A line skirts
  • Wrap dresses
  • Sarongs
  • Sleeveless gowns with matching wraps

Bridesmaids of any shape and height will be happy with these designs since they allow her to adapt them to fit her own best features. Sleeveless gowns with matching wraps are perfect for those girls who feel conscious of heavy upper arms, whilst sarongs can be worn in different ways to suit both shape and height. Halter neck styles are also easy on the eye and suit most figures.

Choosing the fabric

If you're getting married during the day on the beach then look for light airy fabrics such as cotton or chiffon. Your bridesmaids may appreciate short dresses in the heat of the day and if you choose a style such as an A line or tea dress with a bit of boning or structure it will help disguise any problems around the middle. Simple sun dresses can be a far cheaper option than conventional bridesmaids dresses and can be worn again. Accessorized with jewellery and some dressy flip flops or gladiator sandals, your bridesmaids will be smiling and happy. If you're holding a sunset wedding on the beach, then why not give your bridesmaids simple strapless gowns which will feel right for the evening reception. Again, consider soft flowing fabrics which hang well, in a simple, uncomplicated style.

Bridesmaids dresses for the beach


When it comes to colour, darker shades tend to suit most skin tones and also look stunning against the backdrop of the white sand and blue ocean. Colours like emerald, violet, navy and even black work really well and look amazing in your wedding photos. Black for your bridesmaids is a sexy colour which will also look fabulous if you're planning any black and white photo shots. Try and steer clear of neon bright colours like neon pinks or oranges, which could make a pale skinned girl look totally washed out.

Variations on a theme

If you've a large group of bridesmaids, then no matter how hard you try it may be just impossible to find one style and colour to suit everyone. Provided they all look part of the same wedding party they needn't look identical. For example your bridesmaids could have the same style of dress but choose different colours, or they could be told a fabric and a shade, and then choose their own style of dress. Prints also work well, and your could dress your matron of honour in a plain colour whilst the remaining bridesmaids wear a print to complement her dress.

With plenty of communication between all of you and a little creativity, you should be able to find dresses to suit everyone and keep all of your bridesmaids happy all day long.


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